Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wednesday 8 th January 2014....

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Wednesday... half way through the week!  Spent all morning with my dad... mostly in Costa chatting and drinking one shot skinny lattes!  ha ha its good to catch up :)  The afternoon I wanted to start a new cross stitch project... I ended up starting it around 6.30 pm as something just kept getting in the way, the usual...dinner, stuff...  So yes started a new cross stitch project this evening and am loving it.

So what have I eaten.... apart from the 2 one shot skinny lattes! 

Breakfast.. Quick and easy, microwave porridge.... I did add a few dried cherries.

Lunch... Tried these yummy cereal bars.. blueberry, very tasty.

with some herbal tea...

Then for dinner I just took a load of vegetable out of the fridge and roasted them! I tossed them in chilli powder and herbs.


After... with some chilli flavored mixed beans.

This was actually really filling... and I just may have to do this again as I really enjoyed it.  I love all the veg things... rather have no meat.

And then in the evening I had a bowl of 2 shredded wheat in semi skimmed milk.

So there you have it... this is what I have eaten today!  I dont feel hungry... and think I have done quite well today :)

I think when I am busy I tend to eat less... and this is also the same when I cross stitch!  Being busy and a great hobby cross stitching will help me lose weight! 

Here is my new cross stitch project...

All the bits...

My first house and the start...

I will keep you posted on my progress :)

So all in all I think an OK day...not a great day as I did not get chance to go to the pool :(  As it goes I have a dental appointment tomorrow... and WILL go to the pool tomorrow!  

Keep smiling :)

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  1. Well done for keeping on! I love the root vegetable mixture.


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