Thursday, 30 January 2014

Wednesday 29 th January 2014...

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I am feeling VERY happy today, just my mood I guess?

There are lovely blue skies outside and I have just come back from the dentist... yes to get my new tooth!!! Its brilliant.

I am catching up with the events of Wednesday on Thursday as I was out until late last night at English...

Hmmm English....

Well you know how I was feeling quite anxious and to be honest I was feeling I may be out of my depth... well I need of not worried!!

And if I am really really honest I was actually quite bored :(  See the class has mixed abilities and I am doing the highest level in the class... shocking I know!! And all the things the tutor was asking I knew... I literally was fighting to stay awake.  I will see how it is next week and if its following the same pattern I know it will drive me crazy staying there so I will ask to move to GCSE class.  Hmmm something I thought I would never be ready for or have enough confidence for. But after that class I know I am ready!  But if she wont move me... hmmm.. I may have to stay in her class?  If so I could go either be bored stupid and go backwards with my learning or.... be fantastic at everything and ace it all!  But I dont want to keep being the only one answering everything last night.  If the show was on the other foot and I was in a class with some one doing that it would knock my confidence.  So I dont want to be that person knowing everything all the time. AAAarrrghghhgghhhh what to do????  Just so you know I am not saying I am brilliant... I know I have work to do, I love to learn :)

I went to the pool again ...yeah!!

Did the recommended things set by the physio and I am enjoying it.

I think 'me' has changed... its not a chore to exercise, I dont see it as punishment to go anymore.  And sure I did see it as punishment because I was and am fat.... ok not as fat!  I did not like myself way back at nearly 24 stone... I was pretty miserable and knew I had to do something.  I know how hard it is.. I cried many a night wishing to be thinner and normal.  There comes a time when enough is enough... its just a shame its taken me to realize how badly I want to change so late in life.  I am 43 this year and its not getting any easier to lose weight.  But I will not give in until I am wearing the wellingtons I want.  

So  onto food...

My note book entry..

Breakfast... dry fried mushrooms and scrambled egg.  With black cracked pepper as I love it!

Lunch....One of my famous banana milk shakes!  With 3 table spoons of natural Greek light yogurt with fresh fruit.

Dinner, this was a rather odd one this evenign as I was out late.  I did not want anything heavy so ate this!  Cracker with cottage cheese and slices tomatos... some seeds and nuts with a glass of skimmed milk.

A late and tiring day but I loved it too...

Still smiling :)

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