Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thursday 23 rd January 2014...

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Thursday already?!! Where has the week gone?!  And Oh my its not long until February either!  Before we know it, it will be Easter! 

Right well.... I went to my torture session today, erm I mean physio session today! h ah a ha  OK it was better than expected!  I was expecting it to be really painful and useless... but actually I quite enjoyed it.  One thing that the physio did say to me was to exercise just under the pain tolerance level I can cope with, this way I will not cause further injury to myself.  Now this makes perfect sense!! I am sure she told me this at the start of doing sessions with her... I must of forgot!  So now I will make sure I do this and lets hope I get some improvement :)  The physio did say that I am showing signs of improvement and this is very positive.  Having excess weight obviously does not help... but I am actively doing something about this.  

I think I lost the plot before because I thought that was it and I would have to live with this pain.  It shows how much of a muppet I am!! My physio is really nice she says she is working with me to get rid of the pain.  I think it is what I needed to hear as this whole knee thing got me a bit depressed.  I know now if I continue to lose weight and exercise properly with guidance I will reduce the pain and then hopefully be pain free.  This is great news and I am much happier about this and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Apart form this I have pretty much done nothing else today!  Gosh that does sound terrible!  I mean I have not been up to much!  It feels like all I have done today is drive my car... here there and everywhere!  Tomorrow is a rest day, I WILL manage to fit in some stitching.  No exercise... so no visit to the pool's orders!

Food wise what have I eaten?  Well I just felt like something different today...

My book entry..

Yes I did take a photo of my yummy banana milk shake!...

Lunch I ate crackers with spread light phili and sliced boiled egg... (this is on a small tea plate)

Dinner I wanted something different so opted for salad, with a light dressing, it has a nice piece of salmon under all those leaves!

Then in the evening later I ate a light yogurt with some grapes...

That is pretty much it really... 

I have only had 1 coffee today, I have drank some herbal tea but if I am honest I know I have not drank enough at all today.  Hmmmm back to the not drinking again :(  

RIGHT!.... I am aware of this now and I will try to drink more.

I saw something and thought I would share it with you...

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I think it really interesting... I mean how do they work?  I used to eat fresh blueberries regular with natural yogurt... interesting what they do!  Maybe I should eat them again! ha ha  I recently started to eat Curly Kale... its really good vitamin wise... and with me not eating meat I think it cannot do me harm eating these types of vitamins.  I am going to look into what other recipes I can do with Curly Kale... is it like a cabbage?  Hmmm   Spinach looks good to eat, I should eat this too! 

Interesting reading huh?!

Oooh yes... well as you all know I cross stitch :)  And I read a magazine called The World Of Cross Stitching.  They were advertising people to be on their panel for issue 213, its their next one out. I applied and was accepted!  The magazine is out I think tomorrow!! eeeekkkk and for being on the panel I got sent some goodies!  I could not believe what they sent me!....

It was like Christmas all over again!  I am over the moon with what they sent and will use it all!  I will when I get the magazine post a  photo here so you can see me!  Ha ah ah a 

OMG!! yes the other new I have to say is about my English... well see I thought I was just carrying on with the same tutor but the next level up...starting next week.  Today I get a letter saying that this is no longer possible as there is not enough people enrolled on this course.  And that I have to join a different course starting next week.  The other course is a mixed ability course with lower than my level and higher than my level too.  I am feeling rather anxious and frustrated about this as I enjoyed English with the tutor I had.  She understood me and what I was like.  I now have to join a new class, full of strangers and a tutor that does not know me... and how will I feel with a mixed ability group?  Will I feel out of my  depth?  I am just so confused right now :(  With my SpLd's when I get frustrated or confused I shout, I cannot stop this it just happens... the new class are not aware of me and how I react to things... they are not aware of my SpLd's either, its just the tutor... if she is told?  You would like to think so?!  So I dont know what I am going to do.. I was enjoying English as I felt comfortable in that tutors class... not sure what to do?  I do have a mentor at college I can go and chat to about things I am bothered with at college... that is what he is there for.  So maybe I will chat to him... 

OK.. I think that is all for today! 

Remember to keep smiling :)

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