Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tuesday 7 th January 2014...

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Today being Tuesday and now the holidays are over I was back in college!  A busy day in college by all accounts....  again up and out early and back in late!

I arrived in college just after 10 am and after my first support session decided to eat a late breakfast!  Yes you read correctly... I had breakfast!

I had a skinny latte, bacon(yes I know bacon!) 3 hash browns and baked beans.  It was filling and I felt much better after eating it.  I think they thought I was taking it away because I got it like this!

Then it was off to more support sessions, and break before Maths.  So I had a cheeky skinny latte then too!

Maths I was kind of dreading a little if I am honest... I have be toying with the idea of moving down a level as I think and feel jumping from level 3 to GCSE has not been easy for me.  I feel the pace is really quick and struggle at times.  So I thought with my logic head I would wait to see what my result for the test just before Christmas was... then I would make my mind up.  Now I personally thought I flunked the test.... I struggled with parts of it as I just could not remember.  The tutor let us see the papers today... OMG!! Shocker!! For me to pass my maths GCSE all I have to get is a grade C... thisis what I am aiming for :) Look.. I took a photo of it as the tutor wanted to keep them to make a booklet of the areas I need to spend more time on.  Only 14% off a grade C....

So naturally I have decided to stick it out with maths... this was a huge confidence booster for me.  After maths.. this is around 4.30 pm I thought I had better eat something as I was starting to feel a little anxious about my exam looming.  English exam was scheduled for 6.30 pm... now when I went to the cafe I was thinking oooh sandwich... nope!  All gone!!  So this is what I ended up with...

Very large 1 shop skinny latte (starbucks) with a muller light mini yogurt pot, pack of 3 little go ahead apple and sultana (eek sultana!, tasted ok!) and a bag of chilli flavored popcorn!  Interesting choices huh!

Felt OK and ready to tackle my English exam now!  I was pleasantly surprised actually.  I had the same lovely lady who helped me before... she was my reader and believe me her reading makes all the difference to my understanding.  I finished in good time and I felt quite relaxed through out.  Just hope I pass now!

Managed to get home a little earlier this evening as I was able to leave after the exam.  At home and naturally feeling hungry but did not want to eat something heavy.  Crackers and soft cheese.. yes!! (tried everything it would not turn...sorry)

Yes, this is my cracker! ha ha ah a Got it in Ikea :)  So had one cracker! with light philli :) mmmm

Then later a yogurt I bought I thought I would try... (Oh damn it.. what is with the damn photos??!!)  

A Weight Watchers new desert yogurt.

Whats left of the evening I thought I would stitch a little and watch TV...maybe :)

A very positive day for me today and I am feeling happy :)

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