Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday 11 th January 2014...

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Yes I know I wrote nothing yesterday :(

If I am honest nothing much interesting to say about yesterday!  I had a bit of a strange day yesterday..did not eat much and did not go anywhere either.

What I ate yesterday...

Breakfast was something exciting!  2 slices of wholewheat brown nimble bread butter or marge, just dry.  With dry fried sliced mushrooms and 1 dry fried egg and to rop it off some chopped tomatoes!  A feast!!  Nice change though.

Then later in the day I had more yes more nimble bread!  In the form of a toastie... chees and spring onion.  The bread was nice, its a lot lighter (not stodgy) like normal bread.  And it seems today is my bread day! ha ha

And later in the evening I was not what you call hungry so I had some cracker and low fat soft cheese.  Through out the day I drank coffee and herbal tea, the coffee in our home is now caffeine free, not sure why we changed just did!

Onto today... Saturday :)

Well today Jon and I were up and out as he had an appointment at the hospital for an MRI scan.  Last time he went they could not do it as he was unable to get flat.... hmm thats the problem with his back.  So today we went along, Jon had been taking some muscle relaxers... nope!! Still no joy :(  Even with this medication he could not get flat to get the scan done.  So the only option now they have is to admit him and knock him out and do it that way.  I hope by knocking him out they can get him flat??  So much stress and pain for him... and not to get the scan done too :(  So we sat in the hospital coffee shop and had a coffee and cake!  Yes I said cake!  Mine was  apple turnover... OMG it was nice!  And so very bad too!  It was lets say the biggest sugar fix I have had in a long time!  OMG I am high as a kite now!  h ah  a h ah ah a

Ok so other than that apple thing I have not eaten anything else today yet... its now 1.45 ish and not feeling hungry.  Hmmm wonder what I am going to do for dinner later???   Do you know I have completely gone off meat.. I was a well when I fancy it I will eat it kind of meat eater.  And now well I have totally gone off it... I just dont like the texture anymore.  Veg dishes all the way !! 

Back home and just chilling now!  Han is taking photos to put in her blog and me.. what else would I be doing other than stitching!?  Here is how its coming on..

 Until later....

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