Friday, 10 January 2014

Thursday 9 th January 2014...

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Thursday already!  Where has the week gone?

A nervous day for me as a dentist appointment looming .... Oh I have nothing against dentists..I just dont like them!  I guess having bad experiences does not help... and its just the smell of the dentists surgery when you walk in there. I would rather do a marathon! ha ha   Why the dentist?  Well see... I will give you the story... are you sitting comfortably?! OK... when I was 2 I fell on myh face and cracked my front tooth... all through my childhood had issues with it and then finally at 16 they pulled it out.  It never grew back and I was left with a hole.  I know my front tooth!!  So over the years I have tried various things.. denture, crown... they all fall out.  My current hole filler is a crown but fell out and I am having to temporarily use denture glue to stick it in until my replacement is sorted.  Its not ideal but its better than having no front tooth.  The new tooth is going to be a partial denture... that has my front tooth and clips in around other teeth and has a plate on the roof of my mouth.  I had a similar one years ago and seemed to get on OK with it.  We shall see... If I could afford it I would get a peg implant put in then I would have no worries about it ever, fat chance of that though!  I am always anxious when going to the dentist I just remember all the pain I have gone through over the years.  But I know I have to go as I cannot live without a front tooth!  Talking is a nightmare... so I put up with whatever they have to do :)

What have I eaten...

Breakfast was dry fried mushrooms with scrambled egg.  Look at the color of that egg!! Nothing was added to it :)

Lunch was one of these yummy snack bars...

For dinner I pretty much had what I had yesterday as there was enough left over to have for dinner! 

I have been nibbling on sunflower seeds though out the day on and off.. and also been drinking black caffeine free coffee and herbal tea..oh yes and I had a glass of semi skimmed milk :)

By the time I came out of the dentist it was time to collect Han from college...  not sure what happened when I got home because at around 6 ish I started to feel quite tired and drowsy.  My eyes were so heavy and I just wanted to sleep! hmmm not good!  So I tried to hold off a while and went to bed around 9 ish.  I did do a bit more of my cross stitching...

I am loving how its turning out... its a joy to stitch and I am really enjoying this one.

Keep smiling...


  1. I have the same issue with dentists, so you have my sympathies.

  2. Well I went! It was not that bad... I had top and bottom molds taken...dislike those as they make me gag :( Also had a wax mold of my bite and then the dentist cleaned my teeth... not as pleasant as I thought it should be. Really uncomfortable actually. All done until next week! :( I have 3 weeks of this.. one a week until I get my new tooth... I CAN DO THIS!! Thanks Paul pleased some one understands how I feel :)


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