Monday, 27 January 2014

Sunday 26 th January 2014..

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Updating on Monday morning as Yesterday (Sunday) I actually went to bed at a normal time and thought the blog could wait!  I was tired :(

Ah OMG!! The weather was dreadful yesterday... I had planned to go to the pool in the evening, at my new scheduled time of 8 pm as its actually quieter then.  And the weather was not far off storm condition I think!  Ok maybe slight over estimation..but it was bad :(  Going out by myself in the dark is a no win situation anyway... but I go.  The weather was really bad and I did not feel comfortable going out in that so I did not!    

As today is Monday I AM and WILL go back to the pool today as the sun out and we have lovely blue skies here. At some point Han wants me to drop her into college, not one of her normal days but she wants to go in.  Then when I have dropped her I will go to the pool :)  Being during the day it will have heaps of children no doubt... the pool is in David LLoyd membership only but they do have private lessons going on and mothers with their small pre-school children...or screamers as I call them! ha ha ha  I will have to assess the situation when I am there.... if there is no space for me to walk up and down the pool I will sit in the steam room and chill...the children are not allowed in there!!  And if it is really busy I may go back in the evening...

So what did I eat...

Note book entry..

Breakfast was something really boring s I was not hungry..

Lunch was something I dont usually have but I had planned to go to the pool so thought it was fine to eat... hmmmm 

It is that bread that is half and half, I had tuna and very thinly sliced cheese in it.  Something very different, but was nice.

Evening meal...

See I cooked roast chicken for Han and Jon... with all the vegetables... I naturally did not have the chicken as hmmm not eating meat right now.  But did have a big plate of vegetables :) mmmm

Yesterday I started on a little stitching project to lighten my mood as I was feeling a little low.  Low?? Yes low as one of the fb groups I belong in 2 people decided to be really horrid to me.  I have no idea why people choose to be like that?  But I should remember that not everyone is as nice as me.  Some people when behind a computer become high and mighty and think it fine to bully others.  Yes there was rudeness and name calling to me... and yes I was upset by it as I did nothing to provoke it.  I am nothing but friendly, happy and polite in the forums.  And to be honest it has knocked me for 6, I am a bit weary about posting now.  I will say that the group admin, the person that runs the group was very supportive and when it happened she was not online... it was not her fault.  I appreciated her support with all of it and now the people that bullied me are no longer members of that group.  

Its funny the kind of things that knock your confidence... but I am stronger, I will pick myself up and learn from this.  I will be careful now and I dare say it will take me a while to start posting again in the fb group.  A shame as I really enjoyed chatting and looking and commenting on members amazing work.  

Through all this I am still smiling...

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