Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday 25 th January 2014...

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Saturday and I have had an odd sort of day! 

Well I got my stitching mojo back! And that is it really!  All I have to say about today! ha h ah ha

OH OK!! 

So like I say today has been a odd sort of day, knee still twinging and hurts when I put weight through it :(  Today I have been active in my stitching FB group... they found out today that I am on a mission to lose weight! lol  And loads of members are on this very road too... so loads of support :)  I think its GREAT and we all may be able to share tips and ideas.  The FB stitching group is really nice, everyone is very friendly.  I especially like the person who organizes and runs the group, she has a heart of gold.  I love being a part of this group.

Well I should let you know what I have eaten...

My note book entry..

Breakfast... well I seem to be liking the crumpet thing :(  But I did compromise today and only have 3!! Also had a yogurt too :) Yes with coffee.... I am slowly weaning myself off the crumpets lol

Lunch I had a banana shake as I really missed it and had some grapes with it.

Dinner... yes well here is where it went a little odd...  I forgot to eat! Seriously I did as I was not hungry!  So later I had some shredded wheat... 4 of the pillows (2 bowls) with skimmed milk.

That is what I ate... looking at it not an awful lot... but I dont feel hungry so that is a bonus!  And I am not wanting any thing either... by that I mean I am not having cravings.  LOL OH!! I am not pregnant! lol By the craving I mean because I used to crave sugar and carbs!  No more though!

Gosh tomorrow I am going to have to eat some vegetables! OK... maybe roast them :)

Ok going as I need to sew! lol ha ha stitchy friends can relate to this as I would rather be stitching than writing!

Remember to...... SMILE!!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

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