Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wednesday 22 nd January 2014.....

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Its the middle of the week!

Hope your all fine?

Me...I am GREAT!!

Feeling good and happier with things.. yeah! :)

Ok so what has changed?  To be honest not a lot!  I guess because I has some structure again in my life.  I know what I am doing and where I am going...  Oh not to the shops or anything! ha ha  I mean with my life!  I feel happier as I am exercising again and eating healthier again too... I just 'feel' good :)  I tell you its those endorphin's that I release doing exercise.  Release away I say!!

Today I have not been out apart from the pool and taking Han to college.  A day in!  I did plan on doing stitching...after I completed my maths homework, you know as a job well done.  Well hmmm.... took me practically all day to do the maths homework!  Seriously!  The tutor sets loads of homework... I guess I dont mind as I have to practice what I do in class.  And I guess by spending all day on it gives me a chance to understand it fully.  So yes maths homework, it was about ratio... lol in Germany this is actually a shop name! Feel better its out of the way.

Right food, what have I been up to?  Yes I am completing my little book.  I like it as its giving me a different focus.

 Yes for breakfast I did have another banana shake, forgot to take a damn photo :(  I will get around it to it...

Lunch I changed things a little and kind of experimented.  A little while ago I bought a small tin of tuna but it was in chilli flakes and oil.  Never seen it before so thought I would try it.  Got one of my Ikea crackers out, broke it up and put a thin layer of light philli on the kind or arranged the tuna on the top.  Now I did not feel the effects of the chilli at first, but oh when I finished eating I did!  My mouth was hot!

Late afternoon I ate 2 hard boiled eggs.... hmmm that I forgot to mention in the book!  Now that is naughty of me! Just forgot I guess.

With not eating meat now I am very conscious that I should be eating a varied amount of vitamins and complicated stuff like that... so I like eating odd things so who knows what else I will come up with!

Dinner was more of my yummy home made spicy bean soup.  I had to make another pan of it as I had eaten the first one!  

When I come back from the pool I did have some more soup... in a mug :)

I seem to have a theme running at the moment with what I am eating... its chilli!!  Well I did read that it is good for you, helps in some way I think... I will look this up.

And yes went to the pool in the evening and did the walking up and down and backwards, bike legs and swing legs... did all that.  I will get me knee stronger.  The bonus is after all that I then was able to sit a chill in the steam room.  Oh that is bliss, I love it.

Tomorrow I have a long session with my physio... not really looking forward to that :(  I will no doubt tell you all about it tomorrow!

Relaxing now, catching up with Han... oh yes she has a blog if you want to take a look!  Its actually quite good and I like what she does.  She is more a photo picture person and me well.... anything goes!

Keep smiling :)

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