Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday 15 th January 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Yes its Wednesday! 

What I have been doing?  Well all day Tuesday I was at college, still doing Maths and English. 

Monday and Tuesday what have I eaten??

Here are some photo's..

Nimble bread with scrambled eggs and 5 baked beans

Nimble brown bread toastie with cheese and beans in

Mushroom cup-a-soup

The only things I have missed off here is a nimble brown bread cheese sandwich I took to college yesterday and the thin crust vegetarian small pizza I had last night from our freezer when I got in after college late.  ..forgot to take a photos of :(  I was very tired last night... but later perked up and could not sleep at all and was awake until after 4 am!!   So yes this pretty much is what I have eaten Monday and Tuesday...

Wednesday so far I have eaten plain porridge...

I am loving the Nimble bread... its lighter than normal bread and its nice to eat! :)

Today I am not eating anything until much later when Han is in from college... still not feeling the food!  Just find it boring.

What am I up to today?  Well I have an essay to write for English.. its about death!  A subject that totally fascinates me... in many ways.  Some may think its a morbid subject, but not at all to me.  I am interested in why people have such diverse views on it and the culture, religion and traditions... how its celebrated and not discussed ... like I say a brilliant topic! May post a snip it later... :)

Hmmm I want to do some stitching too as never got chance to do any yesterday as was at college all day :(  Yes I am so addicted to stitching! lol

Well back to my essay....

Keep smiling :)

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