Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Monday 7 th January 2014....

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Well well well!!! 

So its Monday night,nope its early hours of Tuesday morning!... the last few days seem a blur...

I Thought I should post a few things as today (Tuesday) I will be in college all day.  Maths then English... I have an English written exam eeeek!!

Well what on earth have I been eating?  Here a few things over the last week what I have eaten.  This is a great question... my meal times are out the window, I just seem to have hardly any appetite and am forgetting when to eat.  So I am not really eating a lot...

2 slices of wholewheat toast and Heinz 5 beans are what I seem to be into at the moment!

This was an attempt at home made rissotto.  It has wholewheat brown rice, mushrooms, green beans, peas and mange tout in a garlic sauce made with semi skimmed milk.  I really enjoyed this and ate it 2 days in a row!

This is a meal I made with meat!  I dont eat it often, it was all white chicken breast and actually enjoyed this.  Steamed Brussels, carrots and peas with roasted parsnips ans carrots.  With a drizzle of gravy.

Heinz vegetable soup... love it.. I buttered some seeded wholewheat brown bread to eat with it... I left the bread in the end as I just did not want it.  

I have also been eating the odd bowl of Shreddies cereal... just love it!  

Well pretty odd eating habits at the moment... I hope they improve.

As for exercise.... hmm still have not managed to get to the gym... it is on my to do list!  To be totally honest today well Monday was the first time I and Han had left the house since New Years day!  The weather and Hans cold and my knee and Jon have kept me from leaving and getting out.  Monday we had to go out as we needed food!  Yes a shopping trip was needed for supplies!

Seeing as we were out we made the most of it ans went to Ikea!  Our happy place as we call it!  It just makes us smile every time we go or know we are going there.  Sound odd but makes us feel so much better, and we dont have to buy anything either... its the knowing we are going!  So I think we must of walked miles today.. Hans back was hurting and so was my knee, thats how I know we walked a fair bit!  Its all good!!

Like I say today I am  out all day at college... I will hope to catch up on Wednesday... ooh yes!  I have a dental appointment to sort my tooth out,... cannot wait!  And wow I really dislike dentists.  I just need my tooth sorting out once and for all.

Still no news from the hospital about Han... it will come one day.  Then its action stations to get her to London for her operation.  Although Han has now expressed that its maybe put off until her college course finishes.  I can understand why, so she does not miss out on any time within college and can concentrate 100% on her work.  She is really loving college at the moment.  I am really happy for her as she is doing really well too.  There is so much pressure on youngsters now to sort out their lives, to prepare for Uni... to get a job.  Han was feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated so she has decided to complete the course she is on now and take some time out of education.  Not sure how long she is planning?  But I am behind what ever decision she makes 100%, now is the time I need to be supportive as she has no idea what she want to do with her life let alone what she can do.  Her course finished September 2014 and then the world is her oyster as they say!  

Me... I am taking one day at a time! :)

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