Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tuesday 28 th January 2014...

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Its Tuesday and I am such a naughty person :(  

I have not had a lot of sleep and feel worn out so I phoned in college and said I would not be in today... now I know sure I could of still went but to be honest I know I would not of been able to concentrate on maths today.  Luckily when I called they did not want a reason.... in a way I am pleased as I would of just said I was too tired.  And I know that to them is not a good enough excuse.  I never miss anything, unless really ill or having to be somewhere else very important... it just felt odd to me not going I guess.

I have made a decision about what I am doing about English.  I am going to go to another evening class but its now on a Wednesday night at a different campus... nearer to me :)  I do feel a bit anxious about starting somewhere new with people that dont know me.  Hope I get on all right with everyone.  I will let you know how it goes as my first lesson is tomorrow.

Apart from feeling tired all day what have I done?? Erm.... well.... not a lot  I think because I was tired the day passed really quickly... or did I nod off at some point?  Who knows!

Ok so my notebook entry for today..

Breakfast was some plain porridge..

Lunch I was searching for my inner child and needed a smile..

My lovely cheese butterfly sandwiches :)

Dinner was vegetable stir fry with a hot chilli and garlic sauce.. (only needed half a teaspoon!) I also had a bowl of natural greek light yogurt with raspberries, blueberries and red grapes.

It appears I made too much stir fry... what I left

This was my day!  I am not feeling hungry but I do still feel tired... an early night I think.

Back to the pool again tomorrow... I think as I am out in the evening I will go during the lunch hour when its only adults.  

back to my stitching.... will post a photo when I have finished my butterfly :)

Keep smiling :)


  1. You are a continuing inspiration with your eating: I do not understand why I am so hungry so often and craving sweet things at this time of year. Anyway, keep on going, I do admire your fortitude and dedication:)

  2. Hope you were brave enough to turn up to your new class, and hope you enjoyed it!
    Ruth C

  3. Thank for your comment guys... just about to make Wednesdays entry.. it was a late night last night so I am catching up :)

    You are both so sweet for following my progress.. thank you :)

  4. @Sweffling.. I used to be exactly the same.. every sweet thing in sight I would eat..and more. And yes I too was always hungry... what changed for me? I could not do cold turkey and cut them all out that made me crave them more! I did slowly stop eating sugary sweet foods..I remember starting cutting out sugar from my coffee first... I think for me I knew I had to change my ways and I had one thought in the back of my mind.... I did not want to die. I mean lets face it I was heading that way... I think determination and want to change helps... I wont say will power because I lack that some times...but the main thing is I try and keep trying. You have to find what works for you... just try slowly replacing sugar in your diet...to low sugar foods. Now I amaze myself as I dont even look at sweets of cakes now... odd when they were so prominent in my life for so long. Changing your mind set is key... one day at a time :)


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