Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tuesday 21 st January 2014...

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Well hello!! :)

Today I spent all day in college... now I had a very challenging maths lesson, doing ratio... hmmm!! :(  English was better, it was my last lesson for this level, which is level 2.  Next Tuesday I start level 1..with the same tutor!  So its just for me any way carrying on.  I do not have my grades for level 2 as I sat paper exams and they take longer to return.  My tutor told me not to worry as she is confident I have passed!  So I guess this is exciting??! But not for me yet as I want proof! lol

I had some sort of panic thing today as I thought I had lost my new note book! hmmm now that would of been good! not!

Ok so here is the note books entry today...

It basically looks like yesterday!  Banana shake.. yes I seem to be liking this on a morning!  1 banana chopped and added to a cup of skimmed milk blitzed in the blender until it looks like a milk shake! lol that is it really!  I will take a photo tomorrow.

I took soup with me, in my amazing big boy flask...

The contents of the flask is about 1 bowl of soup, so it was enough.  And yes it did fill me up.  I have been trying to drink water too, but I dont like water so this is a struggle...but I did try!  I ate this for lunch which was great but silly me forgot to bring something for later...

I looked in the canteen cafe as that is all that is open in the evening.  Hmmm sandwiches, cake, crisps, chocolate.... nope!! So I opted for the safest thing I could find.  I had 2 small pots of muller light plain rice.  To be honest they were really nice and I did enjoy eating them. (sorry no photo as I was too busy eating them!)  

That basically saw me through until I went home ... then at home I finished off the rest of the amazing bean spicy vegetable soup I made.  It was really filling and I am fine now!

I am I think suffering a little today as I now can feel a twinge in my lower back.  I guess that is from limping slightly because of my knee?  Damn it!!  I am trying to relax sitting in my chair and its quite uncomfortable... I hope I mange to get some sleep later?

I saw this and thought...yes!  So when in my car today travelling about I turned up the radio and sang along!  And its true it did make me feel happier, bonus I get to live longer! :)

 (Borrowed from Google Images)

Not a very exciting day today.... but a tiring one.  So sitting trying to relax for the rest of the evening... maybe I will do a bit more stitching? :)

Until tomorrow.... 

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