Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday 27 th January 2014...

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Monday... the start of a new week...

And I am still going to the pool! Bonus!!

I was a little worried about going during the day with having to put up with little screamers!... but it was fine!  I had totally forgotten about the adults only swim over lunch 12 - 2! Phew!!  So it was great, hardly any adults too...mostly retired people.  I was not bothered as long as I had a lane to walk in!  Yes still only walking as per my physios instructions.  So well today I smashed, smashed what I have been doing previously and it felt good. In 15 minutes I marched up and down the pool...30 times I think...I did lose count a few times but I think its around 30!  That also got my heart pumping as I was not going slow!  After that I moved to the steps and used them like a step in an aerobic session!  Up, down, up and down.. a fair few times.  I did think whilst doing this what the people swimming around me thought I was up to?!  hee hee Then I went to the jacoozie...(Bubbly thing) and sat in the really hot water with my thighs making contact with the seat (as per instructions!) and cycled!  Oooh miles I think!  I closed my eyes and kind of drifted away on my virtual water bike! lol  It felt really relaxing and I am so going to do that again.  After that I went into the steam room for 5 minutes, more relaxing!  Then showered and home :)

I really enjoyed my session at the pool today... I did say that!  I think the key here for me is to reward with a lovely relaxing break.  And to be honest I think the relaxing did me good.  Do you know its really cool the things you think about when relaxing... when I closed my eyes it was like I had heaps of people talking to me at first.  Then I guess one by one they went and it was quiet... and that is when I started to think of places of happiness I have visited... such a lovely experience and I will try it again.  Yes as you will probably guess relaxation is not something I do!  I dont like quiet, at home if its quiet I have like a washing machine spin cycle going off in my head, so I dont do quiet!  But at the pool it was different... it might of been because there was background noise...the water people chatting... hmmm

What have I eaten today..

My notebook entry..

Breakfast.. porridge as I knew I was going to the pool and did not want to feel hungry whilst there.

Lunch when I got back from the pool was one of my amazing banana milk shakes... I just love them!  I am however thinking of being adventurous and adding strawberries or blueberries?? Thinking...

Dinner.. well you know how I have gone off meat... well I thought I would try it again.  I made chicken (breast) casserole and thought I would try again as it did look tasty!

Here it is... chicken casserole made with onion, carrots red and green peppers... with a small amount of vegetable flavored rice.

Hmmm..... but I left some as I could actually not eat it all!! 

Not sure what to think really after eating chicken again... I only had a small bit, left most of it.  Not sure at this point if I am going to eat it again though?  As you can see I mostly ate the peppers and carrots and onion! 

So that is me for today!  I will say that I have no way drank enough today :(  It is driving me scatty now... not sure what to do about this?

College day tomorrow... with big changes... let you know more tomorrow :)

Keep smiling now!

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