Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tuesday 29 th April 2014.....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well as you can tell from my photo header..... everything I am doing right now is top secret!! No sorry cannot show you what I am doing or it will spoil the surprise for the person receiving it...

Well OK... just a little peek of one of the projects..

Ha ha ha not that you can tell much from that!! You will have to wait!! 

All I can say is that I am stitching lots, and I love the way they look! I will post photo's of them once they have been posted.... 

What else can I tell you all about.. hmmm 

Ooooh yes...

My lovely husband has been mooching around looking at all the charts and designers I like, he is always looking at something to do with stitching.  I laugh as stitching is my hobby and buying/sourcing all the products I need and use is his hobby!  Well it keeps him busy as he searches all over the world looking for things I may like!

And talking of things I like.. this come in the post today!! 

What a wonderful husband I have! :)  These are my first Heart in Hand designs and I know the fabric I am going to stitch them on too.... Thanks to Justine for sending me some samples to try out :)  

They look like they will stitch up pretty quick so looking forward to these after I have got this top secret project out of the way.

I think that will be tomorrow!!! yipppeee!!! ha ha ha

I should of gone to college today.. as I had maths.. and tomorrow I will not be going wither... I have English.  I am really not up to it.  As you all know I am suffering at the moment with lack of energy and I am constantly tired due to having this dreadful problem with anemia.

You will all be pleased to know I am taking the iron supplement.. it is rather awful but I am mixing it with grapefruit juice.. so its drinkable!

I am hoping after one month of this to be in a better position where I at least have some energy to do things.  Its difficult... but I am hanging in there.

I guess my stitching is keeping me busy and out of trouble! And to be honest I am enjoying just sitting and stitching! 

Well until tomorrow ....

Smiles to you all and Thank You all so much for your wonderful comments... I love it when you comment and say hello :)



  1. ooo can I borrow DH ..lol enjoy working on your top secrets and nope can't tell what you are working on ...lol love mouse xxxxx

  2. So sorry to hear you are not feeling well enough to attend your college classes...glad you are able to continue taking the new iron medication and hope you start to feel the effects soon. Well with the clue you provided, no one will be able to tell what your top secret project is, but it does give us all something to look forward to,,,that husband of yours is a keeper!! How sweet of him to order the 2 cute charts!! Well off to bed I go...Happy stitching!!

  3. Your hubby is a darling! These charts are lovely & will stitch up very quickly! I did the Valentine one this year for an exchange and apparently it is known as the "pooping bird"!! :D Take care & keep up the good work with the iron drink x


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