Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday 11 th July 2014....

Well I have been AWOL for 2 days!! EEEEkkk!!! hee hee 

Things have been a little crazy around here... thankfully the workmen are done for now... they latex-ed the bathroom floor ready for the floor people to come in on Monday.  So the bathroom is not finished yet... almost though.  No photo as the floor is wet and we cannot use it for 'some' hours.... I will take one over the weekend :)

I took Han and a few of her friends to a music venue last night... so rather than come home and 'waste' fuel I stayed in the area and went shopping until 10.30 pm!! ha ha it was fun!  The venue Han went to was in Brighton... so when she was walking back to the car when I picked her up I asked her to take a few photo's.... to show you all Brighton by night!

The pier...

Close up of the pier...

The big wheel...

Han goes to quite a few music events in Brighton with her friends... I am always duty driver so I know they are all safe.  I dont mind as I get to either watch a film at the cinema or go shopping in the ASDA!  

Bet your all wondering what I have been up to?.... I have been 'making' things :)  And as you all know I love to experiment :)  So I would love love love your opinion on a few things...

I made a set of pin cushions...

Close up of the Pig..

Close up of the cow...

Close up of the sheep...

I would love to know what you all think of these :)   Thank You :)

I popped over to my parents home too.. as they needed a little help with something... whilst there I took some photo's of their flowers... 

Nice huh..... do you what to see the 'flowers' ( I use this loosely'!  in my garden...... 

Only pretty daisies! :)

I have not really been doing much stitching... well cross stitching.... due to things I have had to do.  Hopefully once the bathroom is finished and up and running I will be able to 'relax' again.  When I say relax I mean sit and stitch again!  

I am perplexed... is that a word?  I felt the need to use it!  ha ha ha I have no idea as to what it means... but I like it!  Any way.... there has been no news from the dentist so Jon rang them today to find out what was going on.  My dentist was not in today so we have to wait until tomorrow :(  I hope I get the fitting soon.. I mean its been 2 weeks already... and it takes a further 2 weeks after fitting... arrrrgggghhhh!!!!!  Yes I am going slightly ga ga over this now.

This weekend I am off to Ikea with Han and a few of her friends.. its a  road trip!  We are going on Sunday..  something to look forward to :)  Other than that I am really up not a lot!!  What have you got in store for this weekend??  

Every cloud has a silver lining... (taken yesterday :)

Ok until tomorrow,....

Remember to smile :)

:) xx


  1. I love your pincushions! They are just gorgeous! Remind me of my trip to the farm. Love sheep and pigs :-) xxx

  2. Sweet, sweet pincushions. Great jobs!
    I received your surprise today! Thank you so much my friend.♥ Miss Madeleine has it on display in her room. Her is room is lavender in color. ;)

  3. What precious little pincushions! They are so very cute and you really are creative! Very sweet!
    A friend of mine used to go to Brighton to visit some of his friends. I recognize the pier and the ferris wheel in your photos. He loved it there.
    I know you'll be glad to get your bathroom finished. That's one room that's extremely necessary!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Aww very sweet pin cushion...truly so cute..l
    Well done
    Big hugs x

  5. Very pretty pin cushions you did a great job on all , love the sheep one , but they are all beautiful.
    Sounds like you have been busy.
    Love the flowers.
    I hate workmen in the bathroom . I have had workmen here most of the year , on Monday they are back working on my porch . It is lovely to get my house back the odd days.
    Have a lovely weekend hugs.

  6. LOVE your pin cushions, Brighton by night and the flowers. I understand about having life be a little topsy-turvy…..painters are here painting the sitting room and bedroom in our lower level in preparation for daughter, son-in-law and his mother coming to visit in August. Things will be back to normal soon……or is there such a thing - HA!

  7. pincushions are charming

  8. You've done a wonderful job on your pincushions! I love the sheep one, it's just adorable :)
    Enjoy your trip to IKEA!! I love shopping there... it's impossible to leave the shop with nothing :D
    By the way, I did make my first ever coleslaw today... it was yummy :)

  9. I love the little sheep, the cow is pretty nice too, but the pig I think needs a little more work, he looks a little too piggy, oink, oink, he needs a diet.

  10. Love the pincushions, especially the sheep but then I like sheep!!
    Love the Brighton and flower photos!


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