Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wednesday 2 nd July 2014....

I know I missed the 1 st July!!!  Where have the days gone?.... Its now 2.26 am on the 2 nd July so technically its fine!

I have been doing some stitching... experimenting more with lavender... I just love it :)

These are experimental... remember!

The first one I made....

I made 2 different but similar lavender scent bags... I stitched the flowers using a new stitch I learned today..... its called The Lazy Daisy stitch.  They have lavender inside and I really enjoyed making them.

I also managed to get some stitches done on my 'Happy' project...

This is how it looked..

Then I stitched a little and it looks like this...

Made a little progress...

Oooh yes.... This is the month of the Christmas in July exchange! :)  yiiipppppeeee!!  I have had my box ready to go for some time now... I will post it soon...

I was out and about today and asked Han to take a few photo's of the beach here...

An awesome panoramic shot Han took...

Looks like a lovely day... yes it was! :)

I am off to bed now!! ha ha 

Smiles to you all.. and Thank You for all you nice comments :)



  1. lovely stitching ♥

  2. Great new stitching. My, that is a lovely beach.

  3. Sweet lavender little pillows! They must smell lovely too :)

  4. I like your lavender bags! I can almost smell the flowers. :)

  5. You live in a lovely place Jacqui, I don't get to see the beach too often, its 100 miles away :-(
    Super lavender bags, your stitching is so lovely. xx

  6. What beautiful lavender pillows. And the beach - We are so far away from a beach….sigh….but love our farm.
    Enjoy your stitching - always so pretty -

  7. Your lavender sachets turned out beautiful!

  8. Your lazy daisies look great, my loops always seem to pull into two straight lines.


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