Thursday, 24 July 2014

Wednesday 24 th July 2014...

OK only just Thursday... I missed Wednesdays post as I have been out most of the day... so posting now at just after midnight!

This morning I went to the hospital again with Jon... its a regular slot he will be doing every Wednesday with the physio team.  To try to build his muscles up again.. slowly and only what Jon can tolerate.  

I decided to take some stitching with me to do whilst he was being tortured...erm... I mean sorted hee hee.

Her are some photos's I took.. gosh I am terrible, taken on my iphone so you would think I could manage that!  Hmmm appears not!! ha ha

Empty again!! Gosh! Terrible photo.. but at least you can just if you squint.. see how empty it is!

Here is me stitching...

I managed to finish the little bit I was working on..

Yes I put my Blue Ribbon Design into a hoop and clipped on my little Daylight magnifier ... and stitched away ... 

Slowly it will get done.. tomorrow or should I say today (Thursday) I am in the house so will be stitching :)  Hope to get a lot more done.

Brought back Jon from the hospital, gave him lunch, made him comfortable... everything OK... picked up Han and guess where we both went??

Got in the car and LOOK!! OMG!! Han had the iPod and her music playing.. look what was playing and the temperature!! We had a chuckle at that!!

Yes a rather warm day again!!!

So where did we go?? 

See its like this... we needed a bathroom cabinet!  And where would we go?!!  

Just arriving...

This is taken on the roof car park at IKEA Southampton!!  

OMG!! Was not going to put this one in but just had to as we could not stop laughing at it!  I mean just look at me!! OMG!! I hope my tooth gets made quickly!!  I am looking rather tanned... you think?  We were both melting just before going into IKEA... so damn hot!

We did find a bathroom mirror and cabinet.... waiting for the workmen to come and fit it now!  Hmmm after Han and I spend a good few hours looking at the instructions to put it together!  I say few hours as we find any instructions hard to follow!  Jon no doubt will be project managing in the back ground! ha ha  I will post photo's of it once its up in the bathroom :)

We saw this... its a tray, I just love all the colors and pretty birds.

I think it would look great as a stitch project...

Right well its now well past my bed time I think so..

Pleased I fitted in this post... I will post something later too no doubt to show you all what I am up to!


Oooh yes ... Thank You June at Butterfly Wings as I now have my next Round Robin partner, very excited :)

Smiles :)



  1. Your stitching is going fast! It will be finished VERY soon! Great job you're doing!
    The hospital always looks calm and quiet in your photos. I hope it feels that way while you're there and I really hope they are helping your husband!
    I still want to go to an IKEA store! I love that precious tray! You are right--it would be a fun stitching project! Looks happy and bright!

  2. cooo why is it you go to the hospital and there are loads of seats empty and moi none free ???
    and WAHHHHHH you went to Ikea with out me :( love the photo of you both and we have that tray at work for our cuppas :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Boy, every time I went to the hospital for a check up it was heaving with people!!! You would have peace to do your stitching! Love the photo of you and Han! The Ikea tray is lovely!

  4. Hospitals here are always full to overflowing, wonder why yours are so empty? Great pic of you girls together. Love the tray!

  5. Cute post! Looks like you had fun at Ikea (you always have fun wherever you go anyway :D).
    I had paper napkins in the same collection as this tray... so sweet :)

  6. My local LNS uses this tray in their tea shoo. Seems it is popular! You can even make a trip to the hospital sound fun! It looks quiet and peaceful.

  7. Had to laugh at your tooth photo. Hubby has lost the same tooth, and while waiting to collect our son from school one little boy pointed at him and said "Pirate!". OK, so he's got a beard and long hair as well as the missing tooth but it was funny!
    Hope your dentist sorts themselves out and your tooth too.

  8. Thank you for the lovely smile I received today.
    Love those happy birds and your pretty stitches, Lots of things to smile about here.
    Enjoy the weekend.


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