Saturday, 5 July 2014

Friday 4th July 2014.... Friday with Friends...

To all my lovey American friends and far away friends Happy 4 th July :-)  Hope your day is wonderful.

This evening I was lucky enough to stitch (virtually) with other amazing people all over the world.. see I took part in Friday With Friends... 

Its all organised by Cheryll at Gone Stitchin ...

I love looking around every ones blog to see what they have all been up to... love it!  

Guess you all want to see what I have been up to then?  Busy busy busy!!  Do you know I had planned to stitch my 'Happy' design .. but I was drawn to stitching this... I managed it all this evening!  Good going I thought.... Although on the design I was supposed to stitch more... but left it off, I like it the way I left it...

The design is called Welcome October and its designed by With Needle & Thread... it was a freebie design from 2009... here is the link if you would like it too..  HERE.  

I just have to decide what to do with it now.. 

I loved stitching it with The Friday Night With Friends :)

I have to get my thinking cap on... I think I know why I did this... you see I have on my mind that I need to stitch something 'autumny' for my next Round Robin partner... lol just seen what I typed! ha ha ha autumny!! ha ha is that actually a word?! I like it!! 

I want to say how much I love blogging and just love all the people that have taken time to look at  my blog and comment... I feel for once that I belong somewhere.. and that somewhere is here in this wonderful stitching community.  I would never of thought that so many lovely people would of just dropped in and said such nice things.. about what I get up to and what I make...

Thank You... all of you.. I really do appreciate that you take time to drop in :-) 

Smiles to you all :) xx


  1. Another warm and friendly post .
    Love your Autumn design a great stitch.

  2. I love dropping in everyday and seeing your posts. You are really engaging and I get a real sense of 'who you are' even though we are all virtual buddies. The stitching community I am really new to, but have found everyone amazingly friendly!
    Autumny is definitely a word haha. I know what you mean ;-) your next RR will be chuffed to have that! Am away off to check out Friday night with friends.
    Take care, hugs xxx

  3. There is so much cross stitch popping up on blogland atm......I might have to start doing some myself....thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love that piece. It has been sitting in my to do pile for years! :(

  5. Your Welcome October stitching looks fantastic. I can't wait to see how you'll finish it off. Hugs xxx

  6. Yes, the blogging/stitching community is a great group! And your posts are always so fun and a pleasure to read!
    I love the bird & pumpkin and the trims/fabric you selected look perfect! Can't wait to see how you finish it!

  7. The October stitching looks so pretty - the fabric and trim as adorable!!

  8. Gorgeous Stitchery....I just love it.

  9. Love the bird and pumpkin stitchery! You got heaps done!!

  10. That stitched in one evening?! Your needle was busy, Jacquie!
    And yes I agree, the blogging community is so great... to be able to join in & share your interests with like-minded people is such a buzz...

  11. Thank you for the warm wishes, Jacquie!
    Your "autumny" design is lovely. :) I like the fabric behind it, too - suits it well!
    Thank you for sharing. I love reading your posts. Have a good day!

  12. Wow! What are you on? Can I get some? :o)) Amazing work all in one evening. Love the design and your cross stitching is so neat. I know what you mean about feeling you 'belong' somewhere...I feel the same way too. Great community eh! xxx

  13. Thanks for the freebie link, I've added it to the Hallowe'en Blog freebie page. You really did stitch that quickly. I love your new word, Autumny. it's a little Winnie-the-pooh-ish!! I just say Autumnal which is not so much fun.
    Bloggers are great, but like everything you get out what you put in. You always leave lovely comments so people come here to return the favour.

  14. Super freebie stitch project!

  15. Your stitching is lovely - such a nice design and I love what you have done withit in your next post :-) I agree, the blogging world is a wonderful one.


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