Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wednesday 16 th July 2014...

Yes it is a box of chocolates!! Very naughty I know... but they are dark chocolates and that is a better choice! ha ha Oh yes and there are a few I dont like.. seriously!! 

Look... mmmmm

Today I took Jon to the hospital for another appointment... so quiet!

And look... so many zimmer frames.. maybe this is a sign?! Lol that I am either old and need one or both! ha ha 

Its like trolleys at the supermarket... take one! ha ha 

Afterwards we toddled off home again! Gosh we are busy! not! :)  

The weather here is really warm... southern England is actually hot for a change!  Beautiful blue sky, thankfully a lovely breeze coming through my open living room window.  Yes I have all the windows open... 

Well I have been trying to stitch a little every day of my Happy design... its coming along nicely :)  But not as quick as I would like.. 

I will keep plodding away on it and before I know it, it will be finished :)  Really enjoying this as I love the wording.. its SO me!

I missed showing you what I have been eating...  

This first one is a tuna pasta bake... with sweetcorn and a little broccoli... Han's favorite.

This one I ate last night and it was really tasty..
Pasta, sweetcorn (see a theme here!) and courgette (zucchini) mushrooms and broccoli with a sprinkle of chili ...

Today I think I am doing a LARGE salad.. its just too hot.

I have been 'making' a few things... and all will be revealed a little later... it was something Han wanted me to do... I am following like a little sheep!  But its all quite exciting :)  I will show you soon what I have been working on.... watch this space as they say! ha h a

Ooooh yes....

Today I received my Round Robin design from my partner Cucki... WOW!! I love it!! :)  Mine has not turned up at her address yet so I will hold back until she receives it...  Let me tell you all its WONDERFUL and I really love it.  Thank you ever so much Cucki :)

OK... well back to the stitching... 

Smiles to you all ...

:) xx


  1. Hello

    lovely stitching, it's looking great!
    Those chocolates look delicious!
    I'm having tuna pasta bake tonight - it's one of our favourites!
    Happy stitching.

  2. Mmm looove dark chocolates! My favourite kind! Your stitching is beautiful! The magnifier contraption is pretty cool. Where did you get it? I'm thinking of showing my mom this since she wants to start embroidering again and maybe I could get her all set up :D Hugs!!

  3. I don't like dark chocolate but your dishes look so so yummy!! I hope Jon's appointment at the hospital went well and can't wait to see your finishes!! Hugs xxx

  4. Yummy treat and beautiful stitching xxx

  5. Love your stitching - you are going great guns!! Pasta tuna bake is popular here too, hope all went well with the hospital visit, not a big fan of chocolate myself, occasionally I will try white choc for a treat, but good to see you have a treat you like! :-)

  6. Yummy chocolate and "real food pastas" too!
    I hope the hospital visit went well. It does look like a very quiet and calm place.
    Your stitching is lovely, as always! You really make good progress--it's great that you stick with it and get it done. I must make a note to do that, too!
    Have a nice day!

  7. I find nothing ever stitches up as quickly as I think it should... and I get accused of being a quick stitcher all the time!


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