Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tuesday 29 th July 2014....just!!! ha ha

Hello wonderful friends...

Went to the hospital with Jon for his CT scan... we were not in there long as Jon was in a lot of pain... they had to cut it short as he was going into spasms.  There was me thinking I could do some stitching as he would be in there ages!! ha ha!!  But dont worry... we stopped off in the hospital cafe and after Jon had a coffee and cake he was feeling a little better.  We went home and ha ha basically done nothing for the rest of the day!! Terrible really... 

I thought no do the washing and changing the beds tomorrow!  Well I think I will put them off until Thursday now as we have the hospital again tomorrow.  Its going to be a quick visit tomorrow I think as Jon is in no mood to be causing himself any more pain.  After that if Jon is up to it we will pop into town to meet up with my parents for coffee and chat... if not we will go home.  That is our day tomorrow!

Today when we got home I have to tell you I got side tracked.. its just terrible I know.  It was Jon's fault as I was flicking through all the wonderful books he bought me for my birthday...

Remember this one...

Well I found something I would like to do in it for my mum's table... Ok in the book its a quilt but I am adapting it and only doing 3 designs for a table runner.. hope it turns out ok?

This is it...

I however have decided to do it in pretty bright colors!...

Here I have started...

I started with the applique bits first, ready to be stitched here after applying the 'magic'!

I have stitched this one, picked the colors and drawn the design on ... ready to start stitching....

Oooh yes I have started stitching....

I think I read somewhere that you can fill areas with colored pencils.... thinking of just filling in the bee hive with a colored pencil?  What do you think?

I will be taking this one to the hospital as I know I will get some flowers done or something else whilst Jon is being seen.

I started this and to be honest I am finding the whole process really relaxing... and I love the quick results too.  It will be my first table runner and my first applique stitching thing too... quite a bit project really.... for me!

As some of you know I am a member of a Facebook stitching group and we recently had an exchange/swap thing.. and I wanted to show you what I was sent as I love it.  I think its what you call a biscorn?  I have never made one and think its lovely.  I put the little fob on my car keys!  Really pretty you think?

This is what I sent the lady for the exchange/swap...

The lady I sent it to loved what I made... makes me happy! :)

So that is me about done...

Oooooh yes.... I noticed I have some more followers.. WELCOME :)  Feel free to join in and leave comments whenever you like... so lovely of you to join my merriment.



  1. ok when you get a free moment can you do a blue one for me too ask Jo from about using pens ... she uses them a lot :) glad to hear Jon is ok after the wobble ... must have been the thought of the test ??? lovely exchange pieces and yes it is a biscornu ... love making up so if you need help, just squeak :) love mouse xxxxx

  2. Hope Jon is ok after his hospital visit , never nice.
    Love what you are making and great exchanges just beautiful .

  3. Lots of lovely things to look at Lynette Andersons patterns, your stitcheries look lovely, I am sure your Mum will be most pleased!!
    Thank you too for the beautiful pin cushion you sent me - makes me smile every time I look at it! You sure are spreading happiness!!
    Hope Jon is going ok now.

  4. Exchanges are gorgeous. I love your strawberry cushion. Hope jons appointment goes well today. Hugs xxx

  5. beautiful quilt book..i love it so much..
    your progress is great :)
    exchanges are so lovely too..
    big hugs x

  6. Hope Jon s on the path to good health
    The colors of your quilt are beautiful

  7. Oh the project for your mom is going to be fantastic. I see that Mouse already told you what I was going to tell you. Check in with Jo. ;)
    I am so terribly sorry to hear of Jon's spasm. Oh my. I know exactly how it is to be in daily pain, as you know. I am so very sorry. I am praying for him still.

  8. Hello

    What a lovely book and your start looks so pretty.
    Best wishes for Jon's appt. Like Vickie I know what it's like to live in daily pain too.

    Lovely exchanges (:

  9. Such a lovely book, great new start on the project for mum, I like that one.

  10. I hope Jon is okay. Your new project looks exciting and the biscornu that you have received is just fabulous!!!


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