Thursday, 3 July 2014

Thursday 3 rd July 2014.... Lots to tell you...

Do you like my Header picture?  Goodness its great is'nt it!  I have to tell you all how happy this made me... Its a wonderful card from a wonderful person who cheered me up and put a nice smile on my face.  Its a beautiful card... and here are the other bits that came with it...

Oh this gave me a happy day!!

Here is what was sent...

The most color-fullest bag I have ever seen... its beautiful... and I adore color so its perfect!!  Ooooh yes and pretty buttons, gem stones and my favorite variegated thread.... just love the color of it.  And the best thing of all... a tape measure!! Yes seriously!! See I dont have one!!  

The lovely person who sent all this to me was June... from Butterfly Wings Blog... 
It was very kind and thoughtful of you to send me this wonderful gift.. Thank You ever so much.. and yes you did make me happy :) xx

Well I am pleased to say that some things I posted out have reached their destination... I am over the moon that the person loved what I posted... 

I sent this all the way to USA and to a lovely lady called Belinda, from Samplings From A Blue Ribbon Girl.....she is a very talented designer and I love her work... I sent is as I wanted to say Thank You.. see she is trying to raise money for breast cancer by taking part in a huge charity event.  Walking 60 miles over 3 days .... Go Belinda!!  

If you have a minute or too and would like to support Belinda in this wonderful cause then please feel free to head over to her charity page... HERE ... Thank You.

Remember this clue I gave...

Well here is what I made....

I sent this with some ribbon and a handmade button I bought when in London at the Victoria and Albert museum (V&A).  It is very pretty I thought the person I posted this to would like it...

This is what I posted...
I love posting gifts, it makes me so happy :-)...

Also something else I know has reached it destination was this....

Remember this??  Well like I say I know it has reached its destination but cannot show you it just yet as the person wants to post it a little later in the month... sorry you will have to wait a little longer!! 

I was lucky enough to be selected to be the next person to stitch this lovely travelling chart... It was forwarded to me fromt he lovely Kim from Wisdom with Needle and Thread.  And look what she enclosed for me!!  Thank You Kim, very kind of you :)

I cannot wait to start stitching this!! Looking at the list of where its been is brilliant!!  It certainly has traveled!!  Once I have stitched it I will offer it to the next person and off a travelling it will go again!! What fun!! And I am thrilled to be a part of this :)

A lot of you are aware that I am participating in the Christmas in July swap... And Yipppeee look what arrived today!! OMG!!! I cannot believe where it has come from!! 

I cannot even put into words how excited I am about this!!! OMG!!!  Ah but... I cannot open it until July 25 th ... that is the rules!  OMG this is torture!  I have asked Jon to hide it and give it to me on the 25 th July!!   Exciting!!!

Today Han and I went to the hairdressers... I had a new cut and high lights added... what do you think?...

Han being Han wanted a 'new' look!! ha ha so this is what she got... by the way I love it!! 

I should really now get back to some stitching!! ha ha a

Smiles and sunshine to you all and Thank You for being a part of my blogging journey :)



  1. A lovely post...your hair looks amazing. Beautiful xx

  2. What happiness is in your post! Looks like you got AND gave some lovely things! You just do the neatest stuff!!! Doesn't it make you feel good??!!
    I love your new style and color! And Hans is precious, too!
    Buzz over to my blog and check out my last photo.......Smiles await!!!!

    1. OOPS! I meant Han!!! Sorry!!!!! It's late and I can't type!!

  3. gosh you have got lots of lovely goodies in today's post :) love the new hair do's and be strong in not opening it up ... love mouse xxxxx

  4. What a happy post for you this week lots of goodies, just wonderful.
    Love both your new hair do's .
    Wishing you another happy week , hugs .

  5. It is going to be so hard to keep this little parcel closed until the 25th!!!
    Have a lovely day x

  6. Oh my! Such wonderful goodies from sweet June. And you have made and given such great gifts.

  7. This was a such a happy post-made me smile !! Lovely gifts and the sewing machine card is very prettytoo!
    The colourfull little pillow you hadmade is very pretty !!
    Thank you for visiting my blog lately ! :)

  8. Oh my gosh! What a lovely day for you - all those goodies!!Love your hair - Han's, too.
    Have a glorious weekend, sweet lady.

  9. What lovely gifts, both sent and received! Can't wait to see how you stitch the traveling pattern. Love your hair, and Han's too.

  10. Beautiful hair ladies! Can't beat a pamper at the hairdressers to pick you up a bit as well. Love how daring Han has gone, I went blue (!!) last year and loved it haha. Excited to see what you get for 'Christmas'! Xxx

  11. Such a lovely post full of gorgeous thoughtful gifts. Stitchers really are the best people!
    I remember the Travelling Pattern. I stitched it back in 2011, wow that was some time ago. There were only 8 names on the list then. You can see them here:

  12. Lovely post full of delightful things, your new haircuts look super.

  13. Wow what wonderful post you've received! It sure brightens up a person's day. I love how you're sending out little bits of sunshine and smiles all over the world!!!


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