Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tuesday 22 nd July 2014....

Hello lovely people out there... and what a lovely Tuesday it is too... are you having a lovely day?  What have you been up to then?... me....

Oh well I have been catching up today with one of those amazing Advent Animals as I did not want to slip too far behind.

Remember this...

Here are the cute animals I have stitched so far...

Katie Kitty No.1....

Peter Polar Bear No.2...

Mary Mouse No.3...

There has been another 2 released that I need to stitch... Duncan Dog and Hattie Hedgehog... best I pull my finger out!

Here are the ones I have stitched and the spaces for the next 2 as I am doing them in rows of 5.  With 25 in total I thought that was the best idea.

I must apologize for the really naff photo's... I am so rubbish taking photo's... its all in there just not very straight.... hmmmm

If you want to join in the fun there is a Facebook page that has been set up so you can post your work and see others too... HERE.

And you could always go to the website to see all of Brooke's designs.... HERE.

They are a lot of fun to stitch and they make me smile... 

Tomorrow being Wednesday its hospital day for Jon... a regular thing that I really hope helps.  But he is on a long long road to see if it helps him.  And waiting now for the appointment assessment ... willing the days to go quicker... maybe I should start a count down! ha ha Its not until the 21 st August...

Jon is very willing to try anything now in the hope something may improve of take some pain away from him... I so wish I could help him.

Goodess yes!!

Today was actually my fitting at the dentist!  Hmmm such a long time I have had to wait for this but trying to stay positive now... I hope now that I have had the  wax fitting it will be sent off and return fully made quickly... we shall see!

Not a lot really to tell you today.. other than I am staying positive and still smiling...


  1. Love that smiley sun! The green fabric sets off your advent animals perfectly. Good luck at the hospital tomorrow. Smiles to you too xx

  2. Hi Jacquie, that green fabbie just screams Xmas, doesn't it? Such cute stitching on your part. Good luck at the dentist and good luck to Jon.

  3. Your stitcheries are lovely - it is a challenge to keep up with things like that isn't it! Hope Jon's visit went well an good luck with the tooth fitting!

  4. Your stitching is lovely and green fabric is so cute too x

  5. Can't wait to see your next SAL animals, they are so cute!

  6. I am praying for Jon. I feel for him. I am hobbling terribly today. The pain is so very high after yesterday's injections. I know just how he feels. That is why I tried these injections. I will try anything for this pain, ONCE!

  7. Your stitching is so pretty - I love the fabric - best wishes to both you and Jon.

  8. Sweet stitching , they are so much fun to stitch.

  9. The green fabric you chose for the advent animals is so great, they look super. Hope all went well for Jon at his appt.

  10. Your advent animals look great, that green is perfect for them. I am still debating on whether to stitch them for my godmother or choose another smaller set.


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