Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday 6 th July 2014.....

Just love this pansy... look... its smiling! :)

How are you all on this fine Sunday?  I am happy.. like I always am! ha ha  I think happiness just flows through me and I just cannot help myself to be anything but happy!  So if you need some smiles or a little happiness your way.. you have come to the right place... I love to make people smile.

To spread a little happiness today I am thinking of sending someone who comments today a little gift...  just something to make them smile :)  Feel free to comment and I will choose someone and hopefully some happiness will reach them.

Well I am working on another Ssshhhh secret stitch!  Hmm I know not much fun for you as I cannot show you it!  But take it from me I LOVE it!  The colors are just lovely and its a joy to stitch.  I will reveal all once my Round Robin partner has received it.  I am loving taking part in the Round Robin.... its so much fun.

I have made my little Autumny stitch into something....
Remember this...

Well I pondered over it for some time and then decided to do something I had not done before...
But of course I made it into a pillow! ha ha loving making those!  But I added some stitching too...

The stitched leaf...

It was kind of experimental...ha ha as is everything I do!!  I just love to try new things and see how it comes out.  Some things come out awful... yes they really do!  And others I go OK its fine but... and I learn from how I make things that way.  Always learning  and trying new things.. love stitching.

And it was not that long ago I decided to use my sewing machine that sat for years untouched!  I am gaining confidence every time I use it... but the one thing I am useless at is straight lines!! Seriously I just dont know what it is, I just cannot do them!  Me being me means I will not give up... I will keep at it and one day I am sure I will do the most perfect straight line ... ha ha no doubt all you lovely people will know about it too!!

Little addition...
I read about a wonderful dinner on some ones blog.. sorry I forget who it was, please forgive me.  So I thought I would experiment with it... I added a few other bits...
Here it is just before it went in the oven..

As I dont eat meat I thought this a wonderful tasty thing to try...
Its aubergines fanned with tomato, courgette and onions in the fan.. I also added button mushrooms and basil leaves and garlic olive oil on top.

Its not out the oven yet...  will post maybe later or tomorrow the cooked look... and Thank You to who ever it was that first cooked it :)

Lol.... ok thought I would up date you all.... it was yummy :)  And well I should of learned by now not to give myself so much food to eat!!

And what I could not eat...

I will make it again as it was so tasty... but next time give myself a smaller portion!

Tomorrow is Monday...and some work, its the start of another week for most.  For me its just another day!! I am at home and for me I am lucky enough to say its another stitching day! Being a carer at home I guess this is the bonus.. being able to stitch... 

And being a Monday I think as I am feeling happy happy happy I will work on my happy stitch!  I will naturally post an up date tomorrow. 

I would love to know what all you wonderful people get up to?!  I guess some are retired and do leisurely things?  By that I mean what ever when ever you like!?  And then there are the workers... who travel to work and those who work from home too..  I guess some that dont work... or cant work... give me a moment of your time and let me know a little about you.. if you like?  No pressure... just want to get to know you all better :)

I will start.. me well... I am at home pretty much all the time.. being my husbands carer.  We dont go out much as Jon does not like going out now, being in pain and a wheelchair user was not what he had mapped out for himself.  Sure I go to the shops and run Han about... most of the time I am at home.... and you will find me in my stitching chair!  ha ha what else but stitching!  Stitching I think keeps me sane... I try to stay positive and happy, I mean there is no point being miserable and unhappy when I cannot do anything about our situation.  I  think being happy and positive keeps us together..  So I think this is why I am so happy.. oh and that I am stitching! :)

There is s little about me... I ramble, ha ha so if I can ramble you can too!  You dont have to write an essay, just a little snip - it.... 

Well I am now going to go back to my stitching.. 

Remember to smile :)



  1. Jacquie I LOVE your latest cushion finish!! The leaves addition and the way you swapped the fabrics, it looks Fantabulous :)
    A little about me??? What to say? I'm French - but you knew that already- arrived in UK less than 20 years ago and never left :) I'm now married, have a son and work full time. Office work, dealing with international export documentations. I love stitching and dream of one day opening my little cross stitch shop... Big hugs to you and yours xxx

  2. Your finish is so sweet *.*
    I love it..
    Big hugs x

  3. OH. MY. GOSH! LOVE, LOVE your pillow! It looks grand. Hmmm - about me - born and raised in the midwest US, retired (6 years ago) from working for IBM after 30 years, married to the love of my life, one daughter, two step children; love dogs, tea, horses, stitching, antiques, anything "stitchy".
    OH! also love blogging and all the friends I've made (and continue to make) through blogging. Better stop now.

  4. I love your pillow and totally understand about not sewing straight lines!
    I've been sewing both by hand and machine for more than 40 years and I think only a couple of the lines have been straight, but that just adds character to the finished objects in my opinion.
    I get accused of being happy all the time and I'd say it is a fitting accusation. I currently spend most of my time knitting and love watching things take shape.

  5. Great job Jacquie! And pansies are my favorite flower they always make me smile. :)
    I used to be a Veterinary Nurse. Quit after our first child was born, almost 20 years ago. Do NOT regret that.

  6. Your finish is lovely! I have to say that your happiness and enthusiasm is catching, so please don't stop sharing! You always make me smile.

  7. beautiful finish ♥

  8. J'aimerais bien savoir comment tu fais?pour voir la vie en rose!!!!!!!!
    impossible pou moi !

  9. I love your pillow! It's lovely. A little about me...I'm a student studying psychology in Surrey, England. I really enjoy it but it's hard work so stitching is my relief! I have a years work placement in a homeless shelter which I can't wait to start in August.

  10. C'était chez moi ou tu as vu la

  11. A super pillow, the embroidered leaves looks wonderful.
    A little about me .... work from home - hours to suit, volunteer at the local community centre a couple of times a week, do tai chi, spend time with grandchild and enjoy the simple things, reading, stitching, time in the garden.

  12. Wow you finished that autumn stitch beautifully AND so creatively too! Love it!

  13. Your pillow finish looks great, although I quite liked the first photo, you could have made a patchwork scrapbook page!
    As for what I do, I am the archetypal "if you want something done, ask a busy person"! I work two days of the week, run a Baby & Toddler Group, I'm on the PTA and belong to the local NAS group. At one point I did six different "real life" voluntary things now I'm down to two plus the blogs I run!

  14. I love your pillow!!! You give us all SO much inspiration and great ideas. I have been cross stitch for 30+ years. I work outside of the home in the city at an insurance company in the Finance department. I look forward to coming home to stitch (of course after I do my exercises). I too have been on a weight loss journey and every day is a challenge. I wish we lived closer so we can stitch together but I am in the US. Have a wonderful day!

  15. Jacquie I commented the other day but blogger ate my comment. I LOVE your pillow, the finish is so professional. What a lovely idea to get to know your readers better. A little about me...I work 3 days a week as a solicitor which is stressful. When I'm not working I am at home with my boys aged 6 and 4. Cross stitch keeps me calm...and sane!

  16. Wonderful to see the cross stitch finished and the pillow is gorgeous! Pansies are so cute, they always look like they are smiling!
    As for me, I am one week and one day retired!!!! Actually I worked part time in the library at the local high school and at the moment it is holidays...then I have a term of long service leave and then I am retired! I am married, hubby is retired, he has Parkinsons so life has dealt him a curve ball, but he is going well. We have two sons, 24 and 22, one lives near Melbourne and the other is currently in Manchester and loving life in the UK. I like walking the dog, quilting, knitting, crochet, reading, swimming, want to learn to sketch and to play the guitar......just have to get myself organised!!! :-)

  17. Love your wonderful pillow and your finish.
    I have now retired if you can call it that ha, I worked for Cadbury's , worked in our Hotel , build our own house ( then sold It ) , ran a marketing business with DH , public speaking , still run a cross stitch club, I was also a carer for my dad for a few years ,worked in a woolshop , knitted for a fashion house in London , helped DH in his plasering business , and lots more.
    Married for a life time 47 yrs , 2C ,5 GC 3 GGC, I have lived a full life with many happy times and a few sad ones.

  18. I LOVE the pillow!!! Your fabric, trim, embroidery are all perfect!!! GOOD JOB!
    I've tried to post several times and have had blogger troubles......
    You asked about our lives--I am a church musician and funeral chapel organist. I received my bachelors degree in music many years ago and decided last year to go back for my masters degree. It's just something I've always wanted--I'm the oldest in class but the other students are so nice! I have cross stitched for years and have started blogging a few months ago. The blog world is so much fun and I have really enjoyed "meeting" everyone.
    I have been married for 30 years and have one married son. And my sweet kitty Violetta!
    That's it in a nutshell! Thanks for asking! Your blog is a pleasure to read!


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