Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Monday 28 th July 2014....

Hello friends ...

The weather has been really hot here and I have been melting.. thankfully we had a massive thunder storm int he early hours of this morning, with lightening and a tonne of rain...and its cooled down a bit now.

I have managed to work a little more on my Blue Ribbon Design.... its getting there!  One more bit to do then onto the border.

You can see the large 'bit' I need to do on the other side...

I received something in the post that made me smile... no not stitching things, not a gift... my certificates for English.

If you dont know or are not aware... I have been doing English and Maths in the evenings to help me.  See its been an awfully long time since I left school.  I find English and Maths difficult at the best of times..so thought I would challenge myself.  I also have learning difficulties... dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia... a great combo! ha ha  I try not to dwell on these.. they are always there so cannot hide from them.  I do love auto correct spelling on here... I think just to show you how much it corrects my writing here is a paragraph to show you....

Hello well I guess I should write soemthing here... waht abut soemthing on what I enjoy doing.  I liek to stitch and sew and am tryuing to teach myself how to do quilting.  The hardest part of it all for me is following instutins .. it takes me waht sems forever to let new thigs sink in.  I gues that is why I like to learn as I go, feeling and touching tihings.

Ha ha there you go!! ha h a that is normal for me and then I use auto correct to put it 'normal'!  Reading and correcting what I do takes the longest time.

When I started to blog I thought it would be a great way to help with my English... it does as now I love to write!  So yes... I sat 2 levels in English...the 2 levels before GCSE as I needed bringing up to date again as I had forgotten a lot of basic things.  And I sat the exams recently and I knew I passed them as my tutor emailed me!  And today I finally got the certificates through... I feel ever so proud... that I stuck at it really.  And now I am on the waiting list for the English GCSE to start September.. I hope I get a place.  Maths...yes I sat the GCSE exams and my results will be ready to collect August 21st.. I am very nervous about this.

My certificates, the grade was either pass or fail...

I have some more exciting news... ha ha not that I can show you!  My next Round Robin partner is Michelle and I am happy to say that I have finished her stitch.  And will be posting it tomorrow :)  So once she has received it I will post photos's on here.

To be honest as the weather has been so clammy I have not been feeling much like doing anything let alone sewing and stitching.  I have tried to... and yes I did manage some... better than nothing right!  Thankfully now that the weather is cooler.. I think.. I can get back to stitching! 

Tomorrow I am at the hospital with Jon... he is having a CT scan as they thought a little while ago he may have a brain tumor due to things that were happening with him... droopy eye and loss of vision.. slurred speech... that type of thing.  So he is getting the scan just to be sure he is fine really.  And being at the hospital again for me means more stitching!! ha ha  And again on Wednesday too... back to the hospital again for Jon's slot with the 'gentle' physio team.  I say gentle as they dont push him... they are trying to build his upper body strength back up.  So Tuesday and Wednesday are stitching 'out' days this week.

Oooh yes... I am popping into college tomorrow... Han has decided to go back!! Yipppeeeee!!!! OMG!!! I am over the moon.. see Han still has no idea what she wants to do with her life.  And I personally think too much pressure is placed and expected onto youngsters these days.  So for Han to agree to go back to college to 'learn' more or find herself is a good thing.  And besides that she really enjoyed college and doing what she did.. 

Well that really is all my news I think...

I am sure I have forgot something.. 

Keep smiling :)

Talking of smiles.... I do hope some of my 'happy'packages reached their destinations.


  1. Those certificates are impressive! I'm not sure what they all mean, because our schools are different in the US, but I know it's good! And I know it represents hard work and success!! That's great!
    It's wonderful that your daughter is going back to school--you are right--it's hard to pick what you want to do with your life at a young age. Sometimes it takes a while to figure it out! I'm sure she will do well, just like you!
    You may have read on my blog that I am back in college (at age 56!) and I have only 4 classes left to get my masters degree. I will graduate, if all goes well, in May! YAY I totally understand about going back and realizing you have forgotten stuff!! HA HA I do it all the time!!!!!
    I hope everything goes well for you and Jon at the hospital. I'm so sorry he has to go through all of this and I know it makes all of you so tired. Please keep us all posted because you have many friends all over the world that want things to go well!!
    As fast as you stitch, you will have much to show after Tuesday and Wednesday!
    Have a nice day!!

  2. Hello

    Beautiful stitching - I love the red!
    Congratulations on your certificates - well done!
    I hope Jon's appointment goes well. x

  3. Hi Jacquie! I am praying for Jon. I am so glad for you with your schooling.You are making such progress. Good for Han. I had a hard time figuring it out when I was young. Our oldest knew he wanted to be a pediatric nurse, and he is now entering his second year at university. Emerson, our next son, he still is unsure, but begins in a month with History studies at a different university.

  4. Well done Jacquie, all the best for Jon, and love your red stitching.

  5. **round of applause** well done jacquie! congrats on passing your exams.

  6. Oh Jacquie, I bet you are thrilled with your certificates. Really well done, I know how nervous you were taking those exams. Brilliant news about Han as well! I'm in complete agreement with you, I don't think kids know what they want to do at 16 - 18 years old and asking them to make big decisions is madness. I reckon there should be an enforced 2 year 'work period' after college so they can go out and learn about who they are and what they enjoy before making those big life changing decisions. I went back to uni at 25 as I wasn't ready when I was younger and I've loved every minute of it, I have different mindset to the other younger bods in my cohort but it works well.

    Fingers crossed Jon feels better soon. This cooler weather will surely help us all pick up a little!
    Hugs xxx

  7. Congratulations on the certificates, well done on passing. I did smile at your pre-spell check paragraph, it looks like a text from hubby's god-daughter, she is dyslexic too and we have to translate both her spelling and what autocorrect thinks it should say!

  8. Congratulations on your certificates. You can be so proud!

  9. Slowly catching up :) huge progress on your stitching and congratulations to you!!! Great news about Han too :)


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