Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thursday 31 st July 2014... Almost August.... gosh!!

Good evening everyone...

I really have no idea why I seem to be a day out when I post?  Hmmm ok well I just checked the clock and its almost midnight again!  eeek!! ha ha   So there goes Wednesday and hello Thursday! ha ha  I will try to post earlier  on the actual day  and not a day behind I think!  So I will take this as Thursdays post as its almost that now anyway!  And no doubt.. I will post again ... much later!?  Hmmm but hopefully not midnight!  

Gosh I ramble!!

So hope that kind of made some sense? ha ha

What have I been doing?  Went to the hospital with Jon.. Oh he is fine, thank you all for you well wishes to him :)  He just gets tired quickly these days... but coffee and cakes fixes that! The physio wants to put Jon in the hydro pool.. I am really not keen at all... see they would use a material hoist to get him in there and well he has used one before and lets just say he suffered for days afterwards from using it.  So there is that putting me off and the fact they expect me to prepare him to go in the pool and then when he comes out too... then I am to get him in the car afterwards... I just dont think at this stage its beneficial for him.  But I was made to feel so guilty in front of the physio as they just said we think it will help him, we think this and that.... I tried to say I live with him and I know his pain and after the first time they tried this in 2010 it just caused pain to Jon.  And I naturally dont want to see him in pain this is why I spoke up...  so they told us to go away and discus it... Jon is thinking along the same lines as me and does not feel ready yet to do hydro therapy.  This whole thing just left me feeling awful...

What have I been doing then....

Oooh yes more of my mums table runner...

Still working on it and having fun too.... When I have finished stitching then I have to figure out what to do with them? hmmm   I was thinking to frame each one with the 2 fabrics I used for the aplique then... I have no clue! ha ha ... maybe I guess just join them up and add a backing and wa-la?! lol hmmm I bet it s harder than that!  I will give it a go.. 

Oooh yes about the pens.. yes I do have a purple invisible special pen that Jon bought me awhile go for drawing with as it disappears and just shows the stitching.  I tried it but just cannot get on with it as it disappears to darn quick!  So now I use the really fine tip pencils and my stitching covers the lines fine.

Whilst out today I needed some Blu tack .. I was just giggling in the isle at this... Blu tack but its pink!  Should be pink tack!! ha ha a  I tell you I just laugh at the silliest of things!

A little while ago I went onto Abby Rose Designs blog and they were hosting a chart giveaway... as soon as I saw it I liked it.. a very pretty design called... "Home is where you hang your needlework"  

I posted the envelope in the picture too as I loved the stamps!  They are fireworks with the American flag... really pretty stamps too :)

Here is the chart... 

I will not be starting this one until I have finished my Blue Ribbon Designs Happy chart... its looking good and I am almost ready to start the border :)

Well I best wrap this up!

Thank you all so much for leaving kind comments... I do reply to most of you via email as I get sent your comment via that... I know sweet Vickie's messages for some reason dont come to my in box... so I just want to say Thank You Vickie for being so sweet and I hope you too get some relief from the pain you are in daily.  

I have a question... would you all rather I reply to your comments on my blog or via email?  Just curious.... 

OK.. well I should really go!!

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Your stitcheries are beautiful - if you put the applique fabric along the sides and top and bottom and then sew them together you are almost there with your table runner! You and Jon need to go with your gut feeling re the hydro therapy and do what is right for you! I like your comments via email then they come direct to me! I had a chuckle about the pink tack too!!

  2. That table runner will be lovely! Your stitches and the fabrics look great!
    I'm sorry you are having so many unpleasant times with your husband's therapy. You are probably right to make the decision together.
    I was just told that I am a no-reply blogger! :-( I don't think I always was....I had gotten email replies before and then they just stopped!!! Please let me know if I am no-reply! I have worked with this and tried to fix it! It's looking like I didn't get it fixed!!!! I'm not much for technology!!! I like replies either way--I just don't think I'm getting any from anyone at all at the moment! Maybe I'll work some more!! HA HA

  3. Your stitcheries are looking so good , your mum is going to love it.
    You and Jon do what you want .
    Wishing you a good day.

  4. Hi, I read your blog quite a lot. You and Jon will know what is best for him. Pain is a horrible thing. I love your stitching and I wish I would attempt some of that freehand embroidery. I have tried some but spent the while time I was doing it stressed so decided that I stitch to relax so vetoed it.

  5. Speaking as a daily pain sufferer, you were VERY correct in speaking up. Guess what?! The medical teams do NOT always know best. They find this impossible to believe. You two just keep on speaking up for him. YOU TWO do know about the suffering afterwards. I find when I describe this to medical staff, they often tune that part out.
    Your mother's runner is looking fab.
    You know I would prefer the pink tack. ;)
    I prefer responses directly to email.

  6. your stitches are looking so sweet.
    hugs x

  7. Mums gift is looking fabulous.
    For me no reply is needed unless I have asked a question, but I prefer email if you do, I don't personally have time to revisit blogs after I've read and commented.

  8. Your runner is looking lovely, your applique is so neat.

    I vote for replying via email. If it's an interesting question then you can always post the answer in the next post so everyone can see it.

  9. The runner is coming along so nicely and I love your latest chart :).... Yep, still trying to catch up :)


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