Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tuesday 8 th July 2014...

Its early.. hmm almost 10 pm here .. early for me as I am a night owl!  Thought I would share this view from my front door of the lovely sky this evening.  Its the first one I have seen in a while :)

Gosh well guess who we have had in??!!
Ha ha yes Bob the builder and his mate... no name as he is the builders mate!
Yes Bob's mate did have a BIG hammer.... to smash the inner wall down!  

Here is the before..

This useless wall in the middle of the bathroom was a waste of space... it was to come out!  On the other side of this wall Jon had a pull down seat so he could sit in the shower.. as he is unable to stand.  He is getting a new seat and its being placed on the window wall... where that rear hand rail is at the moment.  The sink is also going... and the mirror... its all very exciting!


Yes the old shower has gone and all the pipe work needed replacing... The new basin is getting sunk into the floor...

And as its been left this evening...

The new shower floor has been cemented in... and now drying.  The sink has yet to come out and looks like an awful lot of work to do in there still!!  Oh yes the only thing we can use in the bathroom is the toilet!! ha ha We have to wash in the kitchen sink!  I dare say once its finished it will look much bigger and more spacious too.

So that is the progress on the bathroom!!  

I have been busy stitching away today.. here  is a picture of my work tray I have had on my lap... color... love it!!  Cannot show you what I am doing... not yet anyway.

Ooooh yes and whilst I had the sewing machine out Han brought a drink in.. mmmmm water with lemon and lime in... yummy!! So refreshing..

Do you know today has been a pretty strange day as far as food goes... Not really been hungry and well been wanting to eat home made coleslaw!  I know odd right!?  So I made some and ate it with chopped up lettuce and cucumber!  Ha ha that was my dinner!

Like I say its just about 10 pm here now and I am still fiddling about with sewing and stitching... I love that I can just pick it up at any time.

Jon is fiddling with the play station.. see we have Netflix and he is looking for a 'good' film... UK TV at the moment is junk.  I dont use the remote control  for the play station as I cannot get to grips with it!  Seriously I have no idea how to use it... just easier if I dont!  Han uses the play station to play Mine Craft and GTA 5... me I just stitch and its back ground noise!

I have never been one to 'work' things.. I get frustrated quickly if it does not do something I want it to... take this evening...

For an unknown reason the internet connection just cut out on my iPad when I was using it... I was loosing it big tine as just could not understand why one minute it worked and now all of a sudden it did not?  Oh but next to my iPad my PC was running fine with no internet issues!  So you see why I was so confused!  Han came in and 'sorted' it for me.. just before I was going to throw the iPad across the floor!  I am happy to say it is now working fine  :)  Han has the 'electrical' touch in our home... she is great at 'sorting' problems but also great at destroying electrical things too!  ha ha a story for another day!

The builders are back in at 8.30 am again tomorrow.. OH yes.. must tell you... whilst the workmen where drilling and bashing and making a lot of noise.. what was Han doing?  Sleeping!! ha ha I just have no clue how she did not wake up?  We could not even hear the TV above the noise! 

OK... until tomorrow..

Oooh .. Thank You all so very much for making me feel so happy with all your wonderful comments :)  You are all so very kind :)



  1. Well, the bathroom is progressing well and I love your very well organised tray of crafty stuff and your dinner looks fab!

  2. Beautiful evening sky--nature is so lovely!
    Fun, fun to have the bathroom done over! I know it will function better for all of you and make life easier! I'm very glad you still have the toilet to use--that could be a real pain!!! HA
    I had to laugh when you said your daughter slept through the noise--that's how most young people are!!! HAHA
    Those colors on your next project are so happy and festive! Looks like that will be a delight to make!

  3. Lovely sky , we get beautiful sunsets here , your bathroom will be great for DH when ready , we had the same done for mom.
    Enjoy your stitching , hugs.

  4. Super sunset. Such colour on your tray with the stitchy things you are using and so lovely your dinner looks too.

  5. Your dinner is looking yummy and your stitchy tray is mouth watering too :)

  6. Bathroom work is coming along nicely, I bet you are all looking forward to have it finished too :) My parents had theirs done last week... My dad had hips replacement surgery so they offered to change the bath for a shower... and OMG what a shower!! You could fit 4 people in there :D
    I'm curious to found out about your stitch work!!! Oh, I do love coleslaw!! Would you mind telling me how you make yours??? I always buy the "posh" one from the farm shop but really must try to make it myself ;) xxxx

  7. What a busy day it seems at your house, and I agree....It's exciting to have something new happening inside your home. Something that will make it more comfortable and user friendly.

    I love the picture of your water with lemon and lime. I'm such a color person and I do believe I can actually "feel those colors".

    You have a wonderful day.

  8. What fantastic colours!

    I noticed you eat a lot of veg. which is great but how do you get your protein in? I would be starving within an hour of your dinner, if I don't eat protein I die!


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