Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thursday 31 st July 2014.... HAPPY!

Hello all...


Want to know why??


Look!!  Notice anything....

Sorry its a rather 'cheesy' photo... I took it on my iPad and really did not know where to look! ha h a  Oh and ignore the bad hair day too!! ha ha a

I HAVE A TOOTH!!!! yippppeeeeeeee!!!

I had a phone call out of the blue from the dentist saying it had arrived back and to pop along... I jumped in the car!! Jon has never seen me move so quick! ha ha  and there it is!! I feel much better now with it :)

Continuing with the happy post look what turned up int he post today... 
Its my Round Robin stitch from my partner Michelle... her blog is Michelle's Stitchcraft Place.

How wonderful is this,...

I simply love it... oooozes cuteness!  

Michelle was ever so kind as she included a delightful sheep stitch for me too, and a learn to crotchet day I will grasp that!!

I now have No.1,2,3,4 and 6 now of these wonderful sheep to stitch :)  Jon bought me the first 4 and I love them.  They are a project I plan to do pretty soon :)

The booklet.. 

If your popping over to Michelle's blog check out her crotchet work... goodness its stunning, especially the beautiful blue wool she is currently working with.

Look at the lovely card she sent too...

Yes I finished Michelle's Round Robin stitch too and I am happy to say she has received it too so I can show you what I sent her ...

I stitched her a peacock on 28 count jobelan 1 over 1... a challenge for me but I enjoyed it .  ...

I also made her a stitched little pillow, of a bird cage with some pretty pins in...

Yes Michelle asked for a bird theme so thought the things I stitched were ok to do... I am pleased she liked them.

Goodness more to tell you all....

Well I finished my mums table runner.. I am very happy I managed to do it!  Seeing as it is the first one I have made I am really pleased with it.  I took it around my mums and she loves it!

The back is just plain beige and well... to some its not perfect.. I made it with no measurements and did not follow a pattern either!  When I make things I learn from them.. this is why I enjoy making things.  From this I have learned to make it from a pattern and not to wing it! ha ha ah aha  next time!!  I guess it was more of an exercise to see if I could make it!  And yes I would do several things differently ... but for my first attempt I think its good :)

Oooh I have a blogger stitching friend I know from posting in Google+ ....she is very new to blogging and wants some advice and tips on how to get more followers.  Me being me thought how nice it would be if some of my lovely followers could pop along to her wonderful blog.. say Hi naturally and then maybe leave a tip or two?  That would be nice...

Her name is Macey and her blog is called... Macey's Creative Corner..

Thank You :)

Well that is about all I have to post for now.....

Sending happy smiles your way :)

xx :) xx


  1. Loving the smile Jacquie and so pleased that your Mum loved the table runner, it's so pretty :-)

  2. I am so happy for you here my dear
    Sweet hugs x

  3. You look beautiful with your new smile.
    Love both the R/R .
    Your table runner is lovely I bet your mother had a smile too.
    Whishing you a happy day.

  4. Quel fraicheur pour ces petites broderies,je les adorent vraiment.
    Doux week end

  5. Yay! Your tooth! =)
    Your mum's table runner is fab! Good for you.
    Your rr with Michelle is wonderful too.

  6. Your tooth looks great! I can see why you're HAPPY!!!!
    I've just had two teeth fixed today and now I'm happy too.
    Lovely exchanges and your Mum's runner looks very pretty!
    Happy weekend!

  7. Hi gorgeous! Love your new smile. Your stitching is beautiful as always...Love the peacock piece you did for Michelle.

  8. Yippeeeeee....raising my cup of tea to you and your lovely tooth, it looks perfect.
    Beautiful exchanges you and Michelle sent to each other.
    Mums table runner looks stunning.

  9. Yay for the new tooth and a big smile :-)

    I love that peacock design, where did you find it? Congratulations on tackling over 1 stitching too.

    I will go see Macey now, but my advice for increasing followers is to leave lots of comments and follow other blogs (most people re-follow if you comment) and join in with Blog Hops and SALs.

  10. Ohmygosh!! There is a tooth!! Yay :)
    So many cute things in this post!! Love the runner and the little sheep... adorable!! xxx


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