Friday, 18 July 2014

Thursday 17 th July 2014....

Yes this is a question I am asking myself!!  

Are you wondering what?  Well I was visiting my mun and she had me in fits of laughter... I just could not stop giggling.. what over I hear you ask...

Do you remember a little, hmm ok 3 weeks ago now... I mentioned that I had miss placed erm.. lost my tooth?  Well I thought it would of turned up by now, but still no sign of it.  And as I say I was visiting my mum, we just happened to be talking about my tooth and she said she had an idea of where it could be..  do you know where she suggested?

Goodness well recently I have posted a lot of all different sized packages out to some of you lovely people and others.,.. my mum suggested it may of been shipped to someone!?  Well I just thought that rather funny, I mean if I got a tooth in the post.. ha ha  ha OMG!!! I saw the funny side and still actually think its funny!  So could I ask if you do get a package from me... please check to see if I accidentally posted you my tooth too!  ha h a  I dont think I have posted it out.. but you never know!! ha ha Now that would be rather funny... my travelling tooth! eeeekkkkkk!!!

Whilst on the subject of the tooth.. I cannot wait until 12 mid day tomorrow... Friday... I GET MY NEW TOOTH!!! I seriously cannot wait!  Fingers crossed it all goes well and I leave the dentist's with a new tooth.

I have been stitching today... just love what I am doing right now.
Its this if you are not aware...
A Blue Ribbon Design called "Find Your Happy Place"  Here if you want to see this design and other wonderful ones...

Here is my progress so far... awe just look at Blue with the light on him... cute!

I am really loving stitching this, I am finding it very calming and very enjoyable... more tomorrow!!  Really into this now.. not stopping until its finished!!  On a mission!! Jon has promised to get it framed for me.... I cannot wait to see it on my wall... GOODNESS!! Do you know what?  Oh my!  Well it will be the first design I have kept for me and framed and put on my wall to.. see I stitch and give away usually.  My parents have my work all over their walls..  I am really excited as it will be all for me!  And on my wall!! eeeekkkk!!!

Onto something else... well I made a HUGE salad for my dinner today.. with salmon fingers... ha ha when you see the photo you will think the salmon looks rather odd!  Well putting it simply it does!! ha ha ha.... It stayed in the oven a smidgen too long... but fine for me as I like over cooked food!  And to be honest it tasted fine! 

Here is my HUGE salad...

It was rather large and well the salad beat me...

The salad was tasty but I think when I make another one I will hold back on the mixed lettuce a little! 

Oooh yes whilst looking in a box... from my parents house I found something I made for Han years ago.. I took a closer look at the stitching and think its awful! ha ha  I am pleased to say I have improved!  Yes it was a little grubby so I cleaned it...

It went for a bath...
Nicely prepared...

Then put it in to soak...

Ha ha no clues from that!

And I took it out of the water.. there are some 'old' marks on it.. well I think its around 15 or 16 years old!! 

Here it is...

Han was happy to see it again.. although I am not sure she remembers it from first time around?!  This time she has requested I make it into a cute little pillow to put in her bedroom... Sure I can do that!! So tomorrow.. it will be dry then... I will create something!  Show you all tomorrow what I do with it... Its rather cute.. you think?

That's me... oooh yes tomorrow is Friday Night Sew In... I think this is a wonderful thing to join in on... I mean me actually stitching whilst others all over the world are at the same time! WOW!! 

I love taking part...  then I love popping around everyone's blogs to see what they have all been up to! Nosy!! But fun!!  

If you want to join in on the fun its organized by Wendy B at Sugarlane Quilts.....

As for me... what will I be doing?  I plan to make a MASSIVE dent in the 'Happy' design from Blue Ribbon... if fact I will continue all over the weekend ... come Monday I may have it finished... or close to?!  WOW!! Did I just st myself a goal... OK... yes !! I CAN DO THIS!!  Like I say on a mission!! ha ha  

Sounds like a heap of fun to me!! And a challenge... not set myself a challenge in a while... watch this space as they say!

Right I am off.... no to bed as I am rather tired... the neighbor has a wonderful 2 year old that likes to scream at 7 am!! So the screaming child is my alarm at the moment as once I am awake that is it, I cannot go back to sleep.

Smiles to you all....




  1. Your cross stitch is coming along really well, love the saying!!
    Your salad looks amazing! I am tempted to go make one for lunch but it is 10deg here today and I think soup might be better!! I had to have a giggle about your travelling tooth!! (Sorry!) I wonder where it is?? Good luck with the new one! See you at FNSI.

  2. Beautiful stitching
    Enjoy your day x

  3. The more I look at your Blue Ribbon design, the more I like it :)
    Yummy salad!!
    Your little Country Companion is just cute, looking forward to see your finish :)

  4. I like Blue Ribbon designs and yours is looking great!


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