Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday 18 th July 2014.... Friday Night Sew In...

Hello wonderful stitchy bloggers... firstly I want to say a HUGE Thank You for being nice to me when I was feeling so awful this morning.  I am you will be pleased to know feeling much happier now... it was the shock of having to wait even longer I think.  I have accepted it now and going with the flow... this silly thing will NOT make me feel sad... I am a happy smiley person!! 

OK so.... 

Onto the Lizzie Kate Travelling Chart winner....

First things first the Lizzie Kate Travelling Chart... Thank You for all your lovely comments about my stitched design.  It really was fun to stitch.

Han chose the next person it it travelling to.... drum roll.....

Simona Crocette sogni e co   is the next lucky stitcher.

Congratulations, please can you forward your address details to me so I can pop it in the post to you :)

I hope you have fun stitching this Travelling Chart, I cannot wait to see what you do with it.  And remember to then do the same on your blog so it continue's to travel once you have stitched it.

And today is Friday Night Sew In...

I am continuing to stitch my Blue Ribbon design "Find Your Happy Place"... not going to show you exactly how much I have stitched yet.. I know you will like it though...

Oooh yes talking about Blue Ribbon Designs.. have you all seen Belinda's blog recently?  OMG!! The quilt she recently made is famous!  Seriously!! And OH MY!! Such a lovely quilt too... I think it oozes Happiness :)  So go see... HERE IS THE LINK

I did manage to 'make' Han's country companions hedgehog into a little pillow she wanted.  Han being Han... she chose the backing fabric and wanted it with no fuss... so that is what she got! ha aha



Han likes it that is the main thing! :)

Well Friday Night Sew In is a lot of fun as it helps me focus on stitching...  and I find stitching such a happy thing to do...  my other progress of what I am stitching I will post on Monday... as I want the whole weekend to make a BIG dent in the design :) ooooh excited about stitching lots!

Last night was an amazing night I want to share with you all.. we heard rumbling really loudly in the sky and then flashes of light... we thought we were in for a good thunder storm... nothing really come of it though...

Han managed to take a few really good photos's...

These were taken from our back garden... it was pitch black and then the lightening struck and the whole sky lit up.. it was an amazing sight.

Early today we all went around my parents house for a get together and a BBQ... we LOVE BBQ's... usually in the summer we live off them!  

I eat some meat.. as it can be thoroughly cooked or charcoal-ed as my family call it!  Yes I like my food crunchy!

So here we all are enjoying the sun and enjoying some family time...

Talking of the temperature... 

Look what was registered in my car today...

EEEEEEKkkkkkkkkkk!! I know I could hardly believe it!  Hence why Han took a photo of it!  I put the air con after that! Too warm!!

The weather forecast says we are due for thunder storms tonight and Sunday.... we shall see.. I love watching thunder storms.  And then the smell afterwards.. such a fresh smell.

I am HAPPY again!! Well I could hardly stay sad.. its just not me!  Thank You ALL for being such lovely friends :)

Smiles :)



  1. Lovely Hedgehog pillow and good choice for the back Han!

  2. That cushion is just the cutest. Great storm photos too.

  3. Hedgehog pillow is wonderful!! :-) Your (Han's) lightening photos are amazing! Your weather sounds more like Australia then the UK!! Your BBQ looks fantastic too - I am with you I like my meat cooked properly!! Good to hear you are happier!!

  4. Hi there, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I've followed back, your blog is fab! :) Great pictures of the lightening. It's not often the weather wakes me up, but that storm certainly did!
    Best wishes.

  5. I can understand why Han loves her finish, it's so cute and the backing fabric is just perfect for it!! :) Glad you are back to your happy self, this silly little tooth shouldn't hold you back.
    Yummy BBQ at your parents!! Xxx

  6. =) Han's pillow turned out sweet. Did you see the latest Advent Animal? You and Han are gonna love it!!!

    1. Oh yes I did and I am frantically trying to stitch the animals I have so I can stitch the wonderful hedgehog.. Hattie Hedgehog!! its so cute :)

  7. Been having a catch up read, you've been stitching lovely things this past week. Han's pillow turned out lovely. Great pics of the storm, we've had a couple here...scarey in the night when it wakes you up! What a great trip to Ikea...gotta love that place. Never been to Brighton, keep saying I wll though! Hope your tooth gets the urgent treatment after you've waited so long.
    love and {hugs}

  8. Thanks a lot. I can't believe I've been picked up. I tried to send my private address through the link in your blog. I'm also sending you a private e-mail, to be sure...Thanks for becoming a follower of my blogger: it isn't as rich as yours, I'm still a beginner, and I've to improve. I'm looking forward to receive the travelling chart!!


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