Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday 25 th July 2014....

Yes its time!!!

OMG!!  Yippppeeeee!!!

I participated in  the Christmas in July swap held by Kim... and a wonderful job she has done too :)  Thank You its been so much fun.

Well as you all know my secret parcel from my partner arrived early and as I could not be trusted not to open it :(  Jon hid it away!  Now let me tell you.. it took some convincing for him to let me have it today as he thought he had to hang onto it until December!! Nooooo!!! ha ha

And who was my secret partner?.... 

It was Angela from pretty little things in a box

Well look at the wonderful gifts I received in the swap...

My parcel had come a long way..


How cute its a sheep!!! :)  OMG!!!

Ooohh... pretty, very pretty...

Such pretty things.. delicate crotchet things and oooh a pretty jingly garland to hang up at Christmas :)  

Wonderful things, Thank You ever so much Angela :)

And what I sent out to my secret partner... (I can post a photo as I know they have received it!)

This is the first time I have ever made anything for Christmas.... in this way so it was a challenge for me but I enjoyed it :)

Just hope my secret partner likes them too...

I also added a few bits in the parcel and a Christmas card!! ha ha 

Yesterday I had to nip out at 5.45 pm and got in my car and OMG!! I had to take a photo of the temperature thing in the car....

Really crazy weather we are having here in England right now... 

And again today the weather is lovely, bright blue sky and all my windows are open again... its scorchio!!

Yesterday I did more Happy stitching on my Blue Ribbon design... its coming along nicely :)  I also got slightly distracted whist looking at Lesley Teare's  web page.. such wonderful designs. .. so I had to stitch one! ha ha a 

Here is what I stitched yesterday,.... I could not put it down!!  And as a result I finished it!

The start...

I think its very pretty and just love it :)

Not sure what to do with it yet... I just like it!

As the weather is just so ho and sticky I just dont feel much like eating.. I have been nibbling and this is one of this things I nibbled on yesterday!

I just sit, pop them open and munch the peas! mmmm

So I think I have taken enough of your time up!!

Oooh one last thing...

Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppee is having a bit of a celebration!  Its Nancy's birthday and she thought it a good idea for a giveaway!

Yipppeeeeee I say!!!

Head on over there and check it out!  If your not in it.... you cannot win it!!

I am off to find another project to stitch! ha ha 

Smiles to you all :)

Oooooh yes dear sweet Cucki... I posted your Round Robin stitch with International track and sign... I have just checked the status and..
Status: It's on its way
Your item, posted on 19/07/14  has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in SOUTH AFRICA.

I am tracking it and I just wanted you to know it is on its way :)



  1. What a wonderful exchange!!! I just LOVE your cushion, it's fantabulous and so Christmassy!!!!
    Have a great evening XXX

  2. Oh My - what wonderful Xmas in July exchanges gifts - glad you convinced Jon to hand them over - HA! Love the peacock - it's gorgeous!!!

  3. Oh my! Such fabulous presents you received Jacquie! That sheep!!!
    Your gifts were so lovely. You did a great job with them.

  4. What wonderful gifts--the ones you got AND the ones you gave! Too fun! And I have always loved peacocks--yours is lovely! What a fun post to read and enjoy!

  5. Lovely gifts you sent and received Jacquie. I especially love the crochet ornaments. Your finishing is brilliant! I love the peacock finish too.

  6. I'm so happy to see that the package has reached you safely.. :) yeah! glad you like them..
    happy crafting..

  7. Both exchanges are fantastic, have a lovely weekend .

  8. What lovely Christmas gifts, both given and received. Your peacock is so pretty and colorful; is it small enough to make into a scissor fob?

  9. Lots of beautiful handmade goodies both you and your partner created, a lovely exchange.

  10. Lots of great goodies there. I am sure they are all being enjoyed

  11. Lovely exchange, some great goodies going around the world.

    Also, a good idea using international tracking.

  12. Love the gifts you received... And the ones you sent are wonderful. Love them too!
    Great effort ladies!

  13. Great exchange pieces, I love the reindeer design :) The weather is crazy! I'm so grateful for a couple of days off now to really enjoy it :)
    Best wishes.

  14. What a great exchange you had - the sent and received gifts are awesome! Your new finish is gorgeous! I love Lesley Teare too :)


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