Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Monday 7 th July 2014...

Hello wonderful people!! 

Yes thought I would just share my love of sheep with you all.. have I told you all I love sheep?  ha ha ha Yes I think some of you are aware!

Well a little while ago I made sheep pillows... do you remember these?

They were so much fun to make I decided to make a pin cushion along the same kind of thing...

These sheep I designed.. sure I have seen other sheepy things out there but I made these up from just loving sheep :)  Hope you like them?

I think I like them so much I am going to make a set.. of different animals :)  oooh exciting I think...

Well I have been stitching away and am pleased to say I have finished my Round Robin stitch :)  I am thrilled with it and cannot wait to share it with you all.  But alas I cannot.... see its a surprise SSSSssshhhhh!!!  But me being me cannot resist showing you a tiny snip-it!  Well there is no way you can guess what it is from this!  You will have to wait and see... when my Round Robin partner has received it.. OK!

So much happiness out there!!

I loved your responses to letting me get to know you a little more.... Thank You :)  And I would love to spread some happiness and smiles so will contact you to get your address and send you a smile in the post  :) As I have opted to send 'some' rather a few! smiles please be patient... I will send it to you :)

Tomorrow is Tuesday and so far I have not had the chance to work on my lovely Happy design... Ah well now I have finished the Round Robin and as far as I know I have no more commitments... well not to stitch something!  I can and am determine to do some of my Happy stitch tomorrow.  Ha ha this I guess is me putting my foot down! ha ha hmmm well I bet something else pops up!?

Oh yes!! Well tomorrow and for about the next week I have workmen in our home... they are changing our bathroom to a more user friendly one for Jon.  A wet room as they keep telling me... nope cannot picture it.  I have decided to take before, during and after photo's... will post some tomorrow.  So apart from making cups of tea for the workmen and living in a noisy and dusty home for a while I guess I can still stitch?!  Han is in for a shock as they are arriving at 8.30 am tomorrow!! ha ha Han since she has finished college is well taking things easy!  And I bet they wake her up!? hmmm its not funny ... right?! 

Some good news... a little while ago I mentioned that Jon was waiting to go into the rehabilitation hospital to help improve his quality of life... and maybe help him cope with the pain better.  Well we hear from he hospital and he has to go for an assessment... 21 st August.  We are pleased but it is only the first hurdle... once they have had a chance to look at him, they assess what they can do for him and how they can help him.  And then we wait for a place in the hospital for him as its one to one intensive care... placements are far and few between... we have waited over a year to get this assessment.  They cay 2 - 3 years to get in the hospital... fingers crossed we dont have to wait that long.  But it is good news :)

Well I am going to go now.. leaving you with a HUGE SMILE and happy thoughts :)



  1. Love the sheep and that is good news for Jon.

  2. love the sheep sheep ♥♥♥ Great news for Jon ♥

  3. Fantastic news for Jon...hope it happens sooner rather than later for him.
    Love, love, love the sheep!!

  4. Great news for Jon..sweet sheep :)

  5. I love the sheep! That pincushion is excellent, I love it! Sheep and pigs are awesome. Thank you for spreading some smiles. Right back atcha

  6. Great news Jon has appt for his assessment, fingers crossed the placement comes soon after.
    Love the sheepie pincushion, he's adorable and so cute.
    Good luck with the builders in, hope they are friendly, don't forget to ply them with tea!!

  7. How are things going with the weight loss and health issues? They seem to have vanished from your blog:)

  8. All of your sheep are great! How very long that is for Jon. Goodness. I am off to the pain management doctor soon. I hope to try yet another new injection. I am so hoping it works!

  9. So so so cute!!! I love all your flock of sheep :)

  10. Wow those sheep are adorable, I hadn't seen these before as I hadn't found your blog until this summer.

  11. Oh Jacquie! How I love to stop in and visit you. Always so much going on. So many happy cheerful things. I do pray that they will have a place for Jon real soon. I cannot imagine having to wait for so long to get medical help. Looking forward to seeing those pictures of your "wet room". You have a wonderful and blessed week.

    LindaLee from lovenmystitches.blogspot.com

  12. Precious, precious sheep! And the little cushion is so sweet! TOO CUTE!
    You are a talented designer, as well!


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