Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturday 19 th July 2014....

I have no idea what it is about today but I seemed to of lost a heap load of hours somewhere... I got up early.. went for coffee with dad and then met Han... come home and the hours flew by... went to the shop with Han as she wanted a few things.. got home and ate and looked at the clock and thought hmmmm did aliens abduct me at some point today?  lol

I bought an interesting magazine that caught my eye..

This one...

It was the cover that drew me in..

Now I should tell you I have major issues following written instructions... I read it and things never make sense.  The same thing happened when I turned the pages to see how to put this wonderful quilt together.

I read that the pretty daisies are applique... so went on the internet and googled how to do it by watching videos on YouTube.  See I am a visual learner, even watching a video sometimes I struggle as it may move too quick for me to fully understand.

So I watched a few video clips on how to do applique and thought OK I should try this on a little scrap fabric...

This is what I come up with, using the daisy template from the magazine..

Close up...

Then made it into this..

It is my first time making something from a magazine.. I honestly did not think I would be able to do it.. but I gave it a go and I think its not that bad.  

So seeing as I go on OK with 2 daisies maybe I will give the quilt a go?  Hmm a lot more daisies and a LOT of work... and it will be my first quilt too.

If you have any tips or advice I would welcome it :)

Yes I have been stitching too... not yet.. cannot show you until Monday :)

Oooh thought I would show you what I have been cooking.... I love experimenting with food too....

Mushrooms, courgette and broccoli in a wok....

Then I added some pre-cooked rice with sweet corn and peas...

Mixed all together...

I did add some chilli as I do!! Also some black pepper... 

And then in my bowl for dinner... mmmm

Tomorrow is Sunday and well Han and I are off to our local pick your own farm... we fancy some fresh strawberries and what ever else we can pick up.

I will take some photo's tomorrow... or rather Han will!!  ha h a that is if the weather stays fine.

Oooh yes...

I noticed I have some new followers.... WELCOME :)  And I hope you like my blog :)  I try to so all sorts of things... I love to stitch and experiment too.  ha h a the experimenting goes a little further than just stitching... I like to cook but am not very good so if I label it under experimenting its fine! ha ha  I am, try to be a happy smiley person as I feel life is too short so I live each day having fun or doing fun things... 

Thank You for joining my merry followers and feel free to post when ever you like :)

Smiles to you all....

xxxx  :)  xxxx


  1. Looks like you did a great job with your first appliqué! And dinner looks delicious. Hope you're having a great weekend, even with the lost hours.

  2. Dinner looks awesome.....where do the days go, I agree.....your daisy project is just lovely...

  3. The daisy cushion looks great and dinner looks delicious mmmmmmmmmmm

  4. beautiful daisy cushion

  5. Lovely post, love the daisy pillow, you are so like me I hate reading instructions I like to get going and would sooner see how to.
    Have a great day, don't eat all the strawberries ha.

  6. Your little applique cushion is so sweet, I love it!!! Enjoy the strawberries :)

  7. Mmm, your meal looks delicious. Hope you have fun at the pick your own!
    Best wishes.

  8. The cushion is so cute
    I love it x

  9. Your appliqué looks perfect, a super little pillow you created. Can't wait to see how you get on with the quilt.


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