Saturday, 12 July 2014

Saturday 12 th July 2014....

Hello friends...

Yes it is Saturday and I guess the middle of the weekend... hope you all having fun?

Today I have had a pretty relaxing day as I have felt tired, been taking things easy I guess.

Been playing with something a far away friend sent me... I had never seen these before and think they are wonderful.  Its little stitching cards with holes and you sew the design on.  I just love trying new things...

This round one was blank and I put the stitches in and added the color with a green colored pencil.  I will get Han to laminate it and will give it to my mum to put her tea or coffee cup on.  

These are the tissue ones my mum uses at the moment, they dont last long.  The one I have made will kepp for ages once laminated.  Hope she likes it. 

I have been stitching....  thought I had better get cracking on the travelling chart!  I made a start...

It was tough as I wanted to stitch it on a different fabric other than aida.. so a little while back a friendly fellow stitcher sent me a few sample sizes to try.  I chose a lovely pinky/red linen, 30 count to stitch the travelling chart on.  Then the next decision was to choose the colors... 

This is what I came up with...

Close up of my start...

I am enjoying stitching this... oooh its OK to change colors is it?  I mean the colors are lovely in the chart but I love to experiment as you all know...

This evening its really just too warm to eat so I opted for a mixed salad.  I really love eating salads as I can choose what ever I feel like eating at that time.  I found something really interesting int he shops that I have never seen before...

Garlic chives...

Have you heard or tried these?

And here is the mixed salad I made... it has lettuce, radish, cucumber, spring onion, beetroot, grated carrot and garlic chives.

Let me tell you it was really yummy :) mmmm

I am still actively eating healthy and I have not given up on my weight loss journey.. no no no... not at all.  I do try to take the healthy option where I can. .. I love eating salad and other healthy foods, its a win win for me!

The one thing I love to eat is chillies... hotter the better!  Where I can I add them in.. for a little kick in food.  And just look at the benefits of eating them...

I love a bunch of other wonderful foods too... not eating meat I love experimenting with food too!  ha ha ha makes my life seems like one huge experiment! ha h aI think it might be as that is how I learn from my mistakes.

This is something I read a while ago and thought it very true... self belief has a lot to do with things..

Well I am looking forward to our Ikea trip tomorrow.. me, Han and 2 of Han's friends are all coming along.  I love Ikea... I am going to take a look at the fabrics they have and all the accessories too... its all very exciting...

I will make a post late tomorrow no doubt with many photo's from our Ikea day out :)

Smiles to you all and I hope the postman/mail man spreads some happiness :) xx


  1. have a nice weekend, love the stitching. Made this a few months ago.

  2. Lovely new start on your stitching love the colour, I always change thread colours.
    Have a fun Sunday. hugs.

  3. Your colour choice for the TP is just perfect! Have fun in Ikea :)

  4. Love the sweet stitches..
    Big hugs xx

  5. What a lovely design you stitched for your Mother. How clever of you to laminate it for her, to use for her teacup! Pretty linen and colors that you chose for your newest design. It's always fun to change up the threads to suit your own desire.

    Blessings for a lovely week!

  6. Love the colours you have chosen for your stitching.
    Good idea to laminate the stitchery for your Mum, we have garlic chives in the garden, love them on salads or in soup in the winter.

  7. The colours you have picked for your version of the Travelling Pattern is great!


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