Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday 14 th April 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Gosh well what have I been doing?? 

Ha ha ha stitching!! :)

So as you all know I have been stitching an Eastery design... I thought I would show you how I am getting on... I think I will have to go some now to get it finished though.

Here it far...

So that is where I am now.... 

Hope to finish the stitching of the words in the next few days then to decorate it!! Then hmm how to finish it?? I have such issues with the finishing :(  

Its from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine issue April 2012.

What else.... 

When I got in the car look what the car was reading... 23 oC That is rather warm!  Compared to what it has been!!

Well I went to Aldi.... been seeing adverts on the TV and thought I would go and wee what all the fuss was about!  The store itself was really busy... I dont do lots of people.. but went round the store got a few bits and thought I would go when its a lot quieter.  But I found something I would check out... 

I thought it rather pretty and worth a look at.. even if I just take some ideas from it!! 

Oooooh yes Han took a funny photo of Mrs Norris I thought I would share as it made me laugh....

Han had just unplugged her PS3 to move it, it must of been warm as Mrs Norris jumped on it and lay there!  Silly cat!!

Oooh yes!! Another stitching blogger posted a rather cute photo of something they had stitched.. and WOW!! Its a freebie and anyone can join in the fun so I did!! ha ha

Thanks to KimM @ Wisdom with Needle and Thread.... 

Well the lovely thing I have now joined is this... Advert Animals! 

If you too would like to join here is the link to the page... 

I have not actually stitched the first one yet...but plan to tomorrow.... you can go see it at KimM's blog as she has done it!  And it was her first animal that got me interested in the whole thing!  Thankyou KimM!! :)

I was sitting my my stitching chair and looked to my left at my cupboard and thought OH DEAR!! What a mess and I so need to tidy that up!  Things just get placed then I think its OK I will move it....hmmm and just dont :(

I was trying to be clever and take the photo's in a line!  Hmmm well that did not work did it!!   But you get the idea I think!?  Rather full with things just stuffed in :(

On my list to do!! 

Some of you know I belong to a Facebook group... its a lovely group and I really like being a member of it.  I sent off an Easter themed little gift plus a few other bits to a friend in the group and look what I got back... its lovely...

I have never had such a beautiful card sent to me... and a coaster to put my coffee on!  Really pretty you think?  The CD is full of Joan Elliott designs... which I love!  :)

Oh yes! This arrived over the weekend... a competition I entered on Cross Stitch Collection magazines Facebook page... just left a simple answer to a question they asked... and I was chosen!! I won over 80 Anchor threads!! Wonderful :)

Ooooooh yes... tomorrow is a BIG day for me as the lady who helped me with the garden is coming round.  I am very nervous as I will give her the gift I made for her as a Thank You..... This one if you missed it...

Fingers crossed she likes it :)

Tuesday tomorrow... I will do an update of how I am getting on with my Eastery design tomorrow and anything else that pops up!  

Han is going to stay at her grand parents (my parents) for a few days... the rest of the week and weekend I believe?!  Ah ah a remember I am just the taxi!  So my home is going to be VERY quiet!! Oooh but just thinking of all that uninterrupted stitching!! Marvelous!! 

I hope you all had a lovely smiley stitching weekend?  

Smiles to you all... :)


  1. Love your Easter Design, You have been very busy!! I know for a fact that the lady is going to LOVE your thank you gift!! It turned out wonderful!! Love all the pictures! Have a good night. It's lights out for me!

  2. Lovely post, Your stitching looks great and your friend will be over the moon with her gift.
    enjoy your day hugs.

  3. :)
    Sweet stitching and very pretty gift you made for your friend.l
    Happy day hugs x

  4. A lovely post full of newsy things. Your Easter project is looking lovely.
    I'm sure the lady will love your very special gift.
    Well done on the win, lots of threads to add to your collection.
    A nice exchange parcel that was sent to you.

  5. The Easter pillow will be much loved. Many smiles to you sweety ;-)

  6. Your Easter stitching looks great already! !


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