Saturday, 19 April 2014

Saturday 19 th April 2014...

I just had to use this cute bunny again!  Could not resit as he is adorable! hop ...hop ...hop!!

Well Its Easter!! Hope your all enjoying your Chocolate Easter eggs and catching up with friends and family?  Me... just a relaxing weekend really! 

What have I been up to...

Oooh yes!! I finished Katie Kitty from the Advent Animals...

Its adorable and I love it! Next is Peter Polar Bear.  And it was so much fun to stitch too... if you like it its part of this..

And well I have been blog hopping and found a blog having a giveaway I want to share with you all as it looks awesome!

The blog is run by Karen and called Sew Much 2 Luv  

This is what Karen is giving away...

A wonderful gift :)

Karen's blog is lovely.. lots going on there.. go take a look and enter the giveaway too!

Ooooh yes I would like to ask a question... if I may...

OK!! Whilst on my blog hopping travels around all your wonderful blogs I see your lovely work... and yes its stunning...
My question is ... well some of you have little objects, some wood, some glass, some plastic... all different shapes and styles ... animals, houses, people...things...
Its what you put your needle onto.. I think it must be magnetic? But I am not sure?  Now these all look great!  And oooh where do I go to look at some?  I guess it does not help that I dont know what they are even called!

I went on Google and found this..

I know there are many a different design out there... just wondering where you all buy or find yours?  And how do they stay on your fabric?  The mind boggles!  Hmmm 

I have been looking about for something 'easy' to do as a  sewing machine project to get me using it more.  And to build my confidence and skills up too.... 

And to use some of the amazing fabric I recently won too :)

From Christine Marie at Berberis patchwork and embroidery 

So like I say I have been looking about,.... a little while ago Stitchers Anon (LINK)posted about an exchange of mug coasters I think it was?  The fabric kind... well I had never seen these before ans thought they were great!  I did not take part as I thought my stitching was not up to it yet really.

It got me thinking and I am going to have a go!! ha ha not actually sure what they are going to come out like as I am not that good with straight lines on my sewing machine!!  But I will try!

I was on a lovely blog and looking at their tutorials... brilliant I thought as I have no clue where to start!! The tutorials I looked at belong to Karen at Sew Much 2 Luv... link is above on her give away!  Or look at the side of my blog and I have added a quick jump photo to her blog :)

This is what I found and what I am going to try to follow...

I will give it a go and we shall see!!

I am doing this tomorrow so I will make a post once I have done it :)


  1. Happy Easter dear..
    Sweet needle minder and stitching x

  2. Just a few words to wish you a happy Easter !!!

  3. A needle minder! That is what you need to search under. I bet you find one or many that you need. :) I will be stitching up those adorable Advent animals. Just not now. ;)

  4. Lovely post. So glad you are enjoying the Advent Animals. They are addicting, aren't they? Take care -

  5. Happy Easter to you, the Advent animals are so cute, and the mug mats or coaster work up quickly, the little needle holder is known as a needle minder, needle nanny here is a link for some at 123 Stitch and if you do an Ebay search for needle nanny you will find some very interesting pieces.

  6. Your stitching is lovely! Can't wait to see the next box ;) The item you are on about is a needle minder... so they don't escape behind the sofa :) I haven't go one but saw plenty I'd love to get on various website. Our LNS (Hobby Craft) is not stocking these, so I advise you to order online... 123stitch is good but in the USA so might take a little while to reach you. You can try Sewandso, in UK, they are really good & quick to deliver :)


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