Monday, 7 April 2014

Monday 7 th April 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

A lovely grey rainy day here! ha h ha 

Well as you know I started an amazing project yesterday...

This one..

Its a great chart.. I had been wanting to stitch...

I started I thought.... hmmm (here is where the hmmm comes in!)

There was me thinking it was fine.. until I started stitching the green side bits...

Then I noticed this....

Darn it!! I stitched it too near :(  After some unpicking and re-stitching.. its right now!

And here is my progress so far...

I wanted to show you my error to show I am only human after all! ha ha and how easy it is for me to make a mistake too!  It took me a lot of counting stitches to find the error as it did not jump out at me.  But I am pleased I actually found the mistake... nothing worse I think... I knew something was not right and had to fix it before I moved on.

I will post more updates later....

On with the stitching....

An up date after stitching all afternoon :)  Not very good lighting I am afraid :(

A bit of shopping to do then back to the stitching, not much more to do :)

I belong to a Facebook group with the most amazing stitchers in... I posted my Halloween design in there for people to stitch and one person has stitched it!! 

I was so excited!  Its really lovely to see... so want to share it with you all...

Its stitched by Angela Garcia on 28 or 32 count fabric.... in the most amazing color too... 

Thank You so much Angela for stitching my first design :)

I am busy designing more... which will be out very soon :)


  1. We've all done that Jax lol, it's looking super. I find its sometimes better to take a picture and look at it on the computer to find the mistake, it seems to jump out at you better than looking closely at the stitching.

  2. Very nice start... I like Little House Needleworks myself - got "Spot of Coffee" and "Spot of Tea" done, waiting to be framed. Happy stitching!

  3. Stitching looks great, I always make a mistake on the writing I have to get DH to look at it and then I get mad when he says thats wrong ha.
    Enjoy your stitching and have a fun night.

  4. Great start and you sorted the error!! Have fun stitching :)

  5. Great start - nice to know someone else has counting issues at times ;)

  6. How I understand you! I let an embroidery in a box for 12 years because I didn't want to unpick and re-stitch :o)

  7. Glad to know you're one of us fallible stitchers, lol!

  8. I love your design and want to stitch it if I ever finish the birth sampler I am working on. Little House Needleworks is my favorite. The Twisted Stitcher does a lot of the finishing work for them...I Like Country Cottage too!!


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