Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday 6 th April 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

What a lovely day indeed.. grey outside but happy inside my home! :)

I would like to share with you a lovely Thank You card I received on Saturday...

It was from Deborah @ Deborah's Bits and Pieces.... the lady I sent the RAK to... 

I love the card, it was most kind of her to send one... I have to show you the envelope... it made me smile :)

And then the same day (Saturday) I also received the wonderful chart from KimM @ Wisdom with Needle and Thread....

Here it is...

and look what I found inside the envelope...

And these, they are beautiful pictures done by KimM...

What a lovely envelope that was!  Thank you KimM :)  I have made a start already on this marvelous chart.... I will post an update later :)

My stitching update..

I decided to stitch it on my own hand dyed aida... some experimenting I did with herbal teas! 

The fabric... I love the colors in it....

My progress..

Loving stitching this... its just lovely :)

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday too ...

I was having a little clear out and came across something I would like to give to someone that would stitch it...

It was a kit.. but the threads and fabric is no longer inside... I have never stitched it so the chart is as new... yes its just the chart..

If you are interested and would like it, then please leave a comment and I will pick someone and post it to them.. no matter where in the world you are! :)

Here it is....

Have a wonderful Sunday :)


  1. So far my Sunday is going great. Ha! I have been up less than one hour. ;) Lovely gifts. I hope you got help from your question yesterday? The post is gone, so I am assuming you have it sorted out? If not, ask me.

  2. @Vickie - Thank you for popping in again, lovely to see you :) Yes sorry I did delete the post as I thought why break something that was working fine! I can reply to people via email.. the ones that are followers or that sign up to emails.. this works fine. I just wondered about adding a little reply to people that post on my blog.. but its not necessary I think? My worry was that people may think I am not replying to them... thanks again and have a lovely smiley Sunday :)

  3. Lovely cards and gifts , Just going to do a bit of stitching my dinner is in the crock pot ready for tea . No kitchen at the moment ! but getting there , hugs.

  4. So glad you liked your goodies and they arrived safe and sound ;)

  5. Super card and goodies.
    I hope your chart finds a new home

  6. Very sweet card and all the goodies are so cute...
    Hugs x

  7. I love Little House Needleworks charts!! I hope you enjoy stitching!!

  8. Great update on your stitching & lovely card & goodies!!! Have fun, happy stitching x


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