Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday 4 th April 2014...

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Well its 4.02 am!! ha ha I know!!

I am wide awake!

I have been stitching ALL night... I loved the Primitive Hare design that much I just stitched it... non stop!

I still have to make it into something.. but the stitching has finished!

Here are some photo's...

Remember the chart... As shown on The Primitive Hare blog...

What I started with...

I found the material in a local sewing shop wit the ribbon too..  The Aida is hand Tea dyed by me...

And the finished stitch... I just put the material around it to see what it looked like...

Not sure how or what I am making the finished design into... so tomorrow (lol today!) I will play around with all the bits and bobs I have to hopefully come up with something!? 

I may take a look at Twisted Stitches blog as suggested by one of my followers :)

Its late..or early how ever you see it!

I should get some sleep!!

So until later.... lol when I have had 40 winks...

Smiles to you all! :)

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well I had a nice 40 winks and have thought more this morning on how I am going to finish this stitch from The Primitive Hare...

I have a sewing machine... its brand new.. I have had it about 4 years!! I know bad right! :(  Well I have never had the confidence to use it ...until now!

Tomorrow I am taking it around my parents home, and my mum is giving me a master class in how to use it!  I am really quite excited about it.

And yes I will take some photos's and of my finished piece too :)

Today I have been pottering about with the eggs for the Easter tree... for my friends... here is one..

I find making the Easter eggs quite therapeutic... really such a happy thing to make and yes makes me smile too :)

Some chores to do now... running errands in the car!! 

I have been stitching my Eastery design and wanted to show you something interesting...

The difference between no outline and with outline.. 

Brings out the cuteness..... you think?

One more letter and the first word is finished! Eeek its taking forever! But it is enjoyable and makes me smile :)

Falling alseep... I think its caught me up now the whole lack of sleep thing!  Ha ha no regrets staying up all last night as I loved the stitching.

Until tomorrow....

(Borrowed from Google Images)


  1. Wow you speedy :)
    It's beautiful..enjoy my dear x

  2. Your stitching is fantastic, I can't wait to see how you finish it all off! - After you catch up on your sleep - :D

  3. :) how fast!!!
    it looks great!!! love the colours that you pick.
    The cotton fabric is gorgeous!!

  4. LOVELY! It's so pretty. Sleep tight!

  5. Beautiful stitching, wonderful egg... Truly a magnificent all-nighter! Good night. :)

  6. Well that is very interesting! I have seen your lovely smiling face around on the blogs I frequent and thought I'd click and see what you are about and here you mention me! :) You should have a look at my tutorial blog, my way isn't the only way, but it certainly is good for a visual learner :)

  7. @Vonna- Lovely to see you here! Yes I have been surfing around your blog Twisted Stitches for hours today! I must say its brilliant, lots of easy steps to follow and really useful for me.. being new to all this. Thank You for popping in.. and great you left a comment :) Have a lovely weekend, smiles to you :) xx

  8. Beautiful stitching and finishing.
    Backstitching is not my favorite but I do agree it makes a huge difference in the finished design.
    I am a new follower so I hope to visit more often.

  9. @Rita E in AZ - Thank You for stopping by, and Welcome :)
    Wishing you a lovely smiley weekend :)

  10. Loved this egg!! Think it is my favorite!! Hope you catch up on your sleep!

  11. Also, glad you liked the twisted stitcher's site!!


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