Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tuesday 22 nd April 2014...

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I put this maths header as today I have been in college all day doing maths! ... hmmm I dont really get maths at all.. but I try!  Like everything I try!  If you are not aware I have learning difficulties... dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia... so maths as you can imagine does not come easy to me!! 

Arrived at college and just had too!!..

So yes went to my lesson and I got back my mock calculate results from the test I did just before Easter...

Refreshing your memory the last mock calculator paper I did I was 14% off getting the C grade I need to pass!  So my aim was to do better than that! As long as I keep improving then something is sinking in!

And well here is my paper I got back...

Ha ha well this time I got 11% off a pass mark!! Ha ha an improvement!!  My tutor believes I can do this!! Need to feel more confident in myself I guess...

Well my exam is on the 9th June for the non calculator paper and the 13th June for the calculator paper!! yes Friday the 13th!! ha ha a  I hope its lucky for me!!  I tell you the time is flying by.. 

Something different now...

Well I am a poorly bunny :(  Damn!! I am blighted with anemia and it really does affect me badly.. I went to see my doctor today and well I have been given different medication to try..

They are basically iron tablets to try to boost my levels up.  I have suffered really bad in the past where I have almost needed a blood transfusion... so I try to do everything I can to avoid that. 

To try to give myself a little boost and a bit more energy I have been drinking this.... I guess its helped as its just full of sugar... not good for me though.

 So I have little energy to do anything at the moment... ha ha I will just have to sit in my wonderful stitching chair and stitch all day!  That makes me smile!

Talking of stitching I thought I had shared these photo's with you all of Mrs Norris... appears not!  Well here she is... wanting fussing .. when I am trying to stitch! hmmmm

Then she did this...

No hope of stitching then!  I have no idea what she found so nice about my green fabric?  She actually went to sleep on it!! I had to give up on stitching that night :(

As you are know my parents went away over Easter to visit my brother and his family near Ipswich.  They went out sight seeing one day and brought me back a gift... something I have not seen or had in years!  Even though I live by the sea I just have never bought one!  So my mum did! I did giggle...

Its a stick of rock from Clacton on sea!  A stick of rock if your not familiar with is basically a souvenir mint stick! A really British sea side thing!

I have not long been in and now after doing this up date I am now going to do some stitching ... Peter Polar Bear is calling me!!

Until later... 

And Thank You ALL so much for popping in to see my blog.. :) xx

OMG!! I have found the most perfect chart for me,....

Its a Blue Ribbon Design called Find Your Happy Place!

(Borrowed from Blue Ribbon Design web page)

I am now busy tracking this down where to buy it!! I LOVE IT!!! And I so need this!!!


hmmm none of the suppliers in UK that supply Blue Ribbon designs stock this :(

So that means I will have to source it further away.... 

HERE is the link to Blue Ribbon Designs if you want to browse yourself at the wonderful designs :)

I will keep looking....

I found the design but look...

The chart is a good price but the shipping/postage is just terrible... I cannot find anywhere in UK that has this ... I cannot afford to buy it from further away as postage/shipping costs are making it well out of my reach :(

If anyone knows where I can purchase this in UK or from abroad with better postage costs please please let me know.

I am sad now :(


  1. For sure you will succeed in your math exam! 13 is a lucky number, and you are improving! Just keep calm and focused... as your tutor says, you can achieve the result you are expecting!

  2. Yup just keep calm and relax...
    Good luck my dear xx

  3. You can do it!! You've progressed already! Have a little faith :)

  4. Well done on the maths paper, a good improvement.

  5. Je te souhaite une bonne reussite pour ton examen,je te tiendrais les pouces!
    Quel curieux cadeaux mais s'il te fait plaisir j'en suis ravie pour toi.
    Soigne toi bien,tu as montré dernierement que tu te fais de bien bonne salade printanière
    Pour ta broderie as tu déjà regardé chez Casa Cenina en Italie
    Douce soirée Bises

  6. I would never have guessed you have learning difficulties from the way you write, your grammar and spelling seem perfect to me!!
    With Maths it is a matter of practise, practise and more practise. My son has his SATS coming up and has been doing 10 minutes per day on past papers. No more, just enough to keep his brain sharp. I would really recommend asking for some past papers to practise on, exam technique is very important too. Knowing when to leave a question out if it's taking too long and isn't worth many marks.

    I'm sure you will do well if you keep improving like you have been anyway.

    For the charts, Sewandso do some, try getting in touch with them and asking if they will get the one you want. They are lovely to speak to on the phone.


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