Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday 28 th April 2014...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I saw this little squirrel and thought it really cute so had to post it on here!

Well some good news I have finished both the hearts from The World Of Cross Stitching magazine issue 216 by designer Belinda Karls-Nace, BRD Designs :)

They are both far from being perfect... quirky I think!  And well I am really pleased that I completed them as I used the sewing machine too!  And I think my sewing machine skills are improving and I am gaining more confidence every time I use it.  I liked this project as it was a challenge for me... this is really small stitching for me.... and I like the way it looks.

Here are the before photo's...
I managed to stitch at home and at the bingo hall when I went with my dad!  Every little helped!

I think I may try another little project on linen next... 

A little while ago I decided to take part in m y first ever Round Robin.. Now this whole concept that I stitch something and it goes to someone else and they stitch me something at the same time.. and it goes round all the people taking part and they all receive what I stitch and I receive what they stitch... wonderful!! And I hope to make a little stitching friends quilt with all the lovely stitching bits I get back.

For a theme I have decided to see what my first partner sends me and to build on that!  Ha h a sorry to my first partner ... no pressure!  Honestly please if your reading this.. stitch anything you like!  I am sure to love it.

Well for this Round Robin I have to have a 7 x 7 square of aida and only stitch on 4 x 4 ... basically in the center. I am taking part of this with June at Butterfly wings...

Now at present I cannot show you what I am stitching.... see its a surprise!! I dont want to spoil it so I will post a photo of what I did after my partner receives it. 


Other than the Round Robin I actually have no stitching to do.. oh sure I have the pile of WIP projects!! But I love starting something new!! hmm not good really.  But I am trying to finish the pieces I start now, so that is a good thing.

Maybe I will pull out a WIP and try too finish one of those?   hmmm maybe?

Post more later when I have decided what I am  doing....

Smiles to you all :)


  1. Wow they so beautiful..
    Pretty pillows..
    Hugs x

  2. Another pretty finish, you're on a roll now!! :D They both look perfect to me!
    Have fun with the RR

  3. Your finishes are beautiful! Well done. I would say you've shown that sewing machine who's the boss! Hugs x

  4. They are both wonderful. Your squirrel brought me a big smile. =)

  5. Your finishes are adorable! Well done!!!

  6. Beautiful little pillows, they are adorable. Well done on mastering the sewing machine.
    Enjoy the RR, they are such fun.

  7. I absolutely love your pillows and can hardly wait for the magazine to come to this area so I can pick one up. Your stitching is perfect.

  8. Both are adorable! Gorgeous finishing!!

  9. Love how the hearts / pillows turned out. Your finish was really nice. I think it was wonderful that they posted a picture on the designers web-site and the magazine commented as well. You are Famous!! I can't believe how quickly you stitch and finish your projects. I'm starting to wonder if you sleep...LOL!! I want to try linen...I am taking some linen with me to Celebration of Needlework (Nashua NH) which I will be attending for 2 nights starting Friday for an ornament I'll be working on. Really looking forward to this! Happy Stitching!!

    P.S How are you feeling? Has the iron kicked in yet? Hope so!!

  10. Hello

    Beautiful finishes, really sweet. Love the squirrel too!
    Happy stitching (:


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