Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tuesday 15 th April 2014...

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Firstly I have to tell you all about that lovely gift I made for the lady who gave her time up to help me do some gardening...

She loved it!  I think she was a little shocked as she had never had anything hand made given to her before.  I am thrilled that she actually liked it.. she kept noticing things on it and commenting how pretty things were.  It was such a lovely feeling seeing her so happy that she knew I had made that specially for her. I know it will be cherished as she even commented on the fact I had stitched her grandma's words on the little pillow. 

Here is what I gave her if you missed it...

OK onto my stitching... it was a while getting into it as the lady stayed for a few hours chatting and drinking tea!  But when I did I got going and managed to stitch 2 more letters... that means only 2 letters to go!! yipppppppeeee!!!  Then onto the finishing....

Here is my progress...

It currently says Happy East.. ha ha ha a

I just love the letter T... the chick is so cute... 

So letters E and R to do... tomorrow I shall finish the wording for sure!  :)

Thought I would share what I ate for dinner today... as it was so yummy!  Oh and good for me too!!

Peppered mackerel with fresh tossed salad... cucumbers, radish, spring onion, carrot, cabbage, 3 different lettuce and a light herb dressing.

I should say sorry for such a late posting but I wanted to stitch as much as I could before taking a photo to show you :)  

I hope your all well and stitching lots.. I am working hard to finish my Eastery design as I want to start on my next project... the Advent Animals (see previous day post as that has all the details )

I dare say I will get a LOT of stitching done as Han is now over at her grandparents for a few days! oooh piece and quiet!!  

Oooh something exciting to share... I have come across a 'stitch enigma'!  I know I was intrigued too!!

If you would like to know more.... look out for this on my blog.. I will put the link on it when its clicked.

But if you for some reason are having bother and cannot find your way to this here is the link..

Now I thought I would join in on all the fun... see you there!! :)
Smiles to you all .... :)   


  1. There was no doubt in my mind that the lady was going to Love the Pillow!! It was really nice! Your Easter project is coming along so quickly! It's going to be so cute once you finish it!! Dinner looked great!! I'm trying to watch what I eat and your dinner would have been perfect for me - love all the veggies you put in your salad. I like fish but have never had mackerel but it looked really good! Well have a good night...time for me to hit the hay!

  2. oh, thank you! I cannot wait for May 3rd to arrive!! :D
    those bunnies look so fluffy and sweet, adorable! and the pillow you made for the gardening lady, oh that was so nice of you. I'm sure she loved it!
    lots of happy xxx,

  3. Ton post est super!les petits lapins sont si choux!elle va être bien contente!
    Hormis tes jolis est fraiche broderies ce qui me plait beaucoup ce sont tes salades
    la dernière je l'ai réalisé,celle çi ne va pas tarder,j'adore les maquereaux fumés
    A bientôt.

  4. I am so glad the gardening lady appreciated and loved her gift. Makes it so much better!

  5. Handmade gifts are always so very special.
    Love the fabric colour for your easter stitch project, so springlike and pretty.

  6. I absolutely loved the cushion in Facebook group!!! Alas, they only have 'like' button :) Didn't see though, how the lady liked her present... The alphabet is so cheerful and festive and mackerel looks delicious. How do you cook it?

  7. Lovely finish & I just adore the Easter alphabet project!!!
    Apologies for my late comment... I'm finally catching up after a few days off for Easter :P


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