Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tuesday 9 th April 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well hello!

I have been a busy person today!

A little while ago I asked in a local group for some help with my garden as it was far too much for just me to handle.  Jon and Han could not help and I needed to tidy up the garden.  Difficult when only me... very daunting task really.  So yes I asked for help and the most loveliest lady offered to help.. I was blown away.

She came round today and luckily the sun was out and it was nice... but hard work!

Here are some after photo's that Han took for me.. no before photo's as it was terrible...

I should explain that we have this ramp out the front of our home, for Jon and his wheelchair.

I tidied up the hedge and bushes on the right of the railing (its kind of a little island with plants in).

Same photo but from a different angle.. much better to hold the railing now!

And in the 'plant island' look what we found....a  fushcia bush ....

And one open... they are very pretty...

Look what we found in the hedge!  Awe some one has lost him :(

This is the small piece of 'useless' garden at the front of our home... I say useless as you cannot access it!  The ramp railings are int he way!  But we tidied it up :)

Look what other beauty we found ...

And more...

That is the font sorted and tidy now!  

As for stitching... now that I am back inside and relaxing I can get back to my stitching! ha ha

I am now looking through my stash for a wonderful gardening stitch to do for the lovely lady who gave her time up to help me.  I thought it would be nice to stitch her something as a Thank You.

I found something to stitch... found it on a freebie site... Cross-Stitch & Needlework... 

Here is what I am using ..

I did not want the lady to wait forever for something I am stitching so I picked a quick Spring Sampler chart :)  Just hope she likes it?

Starting this now at 10.30 pm! ha ha well my hands were in bits, all scratched and sore from pulling up brambles.

I have been working on my Eastery design... I am half way through it.. so will post photo's when I am done! 

On the stitching front.,... my husband has been looking around all the designer websites and as a result I now have a massive pile of 'freebie' print outs!  Thank You honey! :)  I am sure at some point I will use them!

Oh yes!!

A friends blog... Mii Stitch is doing an exchange... I had never heard of the Gorjuss things before mentioned on her blog!  But they are lovely! And if you are a fan of Gorjuss get over to her blog and join in!!

Ok going now as I want to be creative!

Smiles to you all....



  1. The ramp looks great - and love the teddy. Glad you found him. Happy stitching xxxx

  2. So great that you found such a lovely lady who was willing to help you with the garden. It's looking so nice now.

  3. Wow your garden is looking so lovely :)
    Enjoy xx

  4. Your garden is looking great! That was the nicest thing, for your husband to print freebies out for you. :)

  5. Always love stopping in to see what you're up to. I love the fact that your blog is always friendly and upbeat. Always newsy. Love it here.

  6. Your yard looks wonderful and it was so nice of your Lady Friend to help you out!! Job well done and you will be so pleased with yourself every time you walk up to your front door!! Happy Stitching!!

  7. It'll make coming home and up the ramp so much more pleasing to you, well done the volunteer lady, she'll love your very special gift. I'm looking forward to seeing what it is - unfortunately the link didn't work for me to the'll be a surprise when you've stitched it!

  8. **Freebie Link fixed now**
    Or cut and paste this...

  9. Your garden looks lovely & tidy :) It was so nice to that lady to help out... she so deserves that special gift :) Have a lovely day xx

  10. What a lovely idea to help each other in gardening... spend time outside, have a chat and set the garden!
    I'm sure that the lovely lady will appreciate your "thank-you stitch", more if you stitch her name, too- so she will know that you made it expecially for her!
    And thank you for the freebie link!
    Have a nice day,


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