Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturday 12 th April 2014...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well firstly hmm yes no blog yesterday as I was far too busy stitching! Really I was!

Do you remember this, for the lady that helped me do the garden...

Well I made it into this...

The words around the outside are a saying the ladies grandma used to say to her... so I thought I would stitch them!

I do have a dilemma now as I am unsure as to how to finish this??  I am in need of serious ideas...please!

Do I simply frame it?  If so what kind of frame?
Do I make it into a little pillow?
Do I make it into a kind of pin keep?
Or something else??

Please help me!?

So as you see I have been stitching! Loved stitching it :)

Well as the sun was out yesterday I made myself a lovely salad... just love fresh salad :)  In this one I had.... 4 types of lettuce, cucumber, carrot, spring onion, red onion, vine tomato, radish and potato salad with coleslaw.

Wonder what I will make today??

Its Saturday and what am I doing???

ha ha ha stitching! What else!  I seriously doubt I will have my Eastery design finished for Easter.. :( 
But it will be a gallant effort!  And I like it so much I may just put it up when I have finished it!  I promise to post photo's on that soon.

I may do some baking?? May?! ha ha I am not very good at it.. but fancy cooking today!  You know what did it??? Visiting a fellow stitchers blog, stitchersanon... take a look for yourself at her cakes!! OMG!! and her beautiful stitching :)

Hope you all have a happy smiley weekend :)


  1. That is a wonderful gift! I would frame it.

  2. Une broderie toute mignonne,mais pas d'idée,enfin peut être une mais difficile a expliquer
    dans un com!je t'enverrais une photo.
    Quant a cette salade elle est merveilleuse,j'adore par beau temps toute cette fraicheur.
    Doux week end

  3. I'm sure she'll love it, it's really nice!!! Make a gardening-tool fabric bag and sew it on! I've got somewhere a very easy tutorial, I'll send it via e-mail...

  4. I would finish it as a pinkeep so I could admire it in the top of the table,shelf or other furniture... I love to see my stiched pieces as a part f the decoration. Lovely salad -looks delicious! :)

  5. Oh my - what a sweet gift for your friend. I love the ideas - I'd probably frame it or make it into a hanging-thingy for a doorknob. Hugs -

  6. Aww it's so cute..I think pin keep will look so cute..
    Hugs and love x

  7. Great stitching, I think I'd finish it as a pinkeep :)

  8. A beautiful stitched gift.

  9. Speedy Stitching indeed. It's a great saying too.


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