Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tuesday 1 st April 2014.... April Fools Day!...

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Today as its Tuesday I have been in College all day.. doing maths... I got into the lesson and the tutor said out loud today we will be doing a mock calculator paper!! OMG!! No warning .... just dropped it on us!  I honestly thought it was a April Fools joke!  Ha ha no suck luck! 

Here is one I did the other day... 

I am happy with the mark, its a great mark for me!  And yes I cannot do maths with out Starbucks! ha ha

The mock calculator paper I did today I will not find out if I passed it until after the Easter break.  Yes Maths is now finished for 2 whole weeks! yippppeeeee 

Tomorrow I have English and an actual English exam... then like maths 2 weeks off!  I think I will need it!  So fingers crossed for English too :)

WOW!! Let me tell you what happened today....

I seem to be having a run of good luck!  Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!?

Well Where do I start...

I entered a mystery give away  on The Shoes Of Camilla's blog (Le scarpe di Camilla), hosted by Rose....

And to my amazement I won!  Now I have no idea what I won as its a mystery gift!  The gift comes with attachments.... (What I signed up to do)

The operation is simple:

The first 5 people who publish a comment under this post with written PARTICIPATE receive in the course of 2014 a gift handmade by me.

The initiative does not involve any cost, only the commitment (moral, but no less valid) to share on your blog the initiative and with the same system, send a surprise gift with 5 other people.

So you should create a "network of kindness" that I'm sure will give birth to a smile on the lips of those who will receive the surprise but also of those who will.

The purpose of the initiative, if I understand the intentions of the Promoter, is in fact give a moment of unexpected joy to a person, rather than five people who share our passion for creations with needle, thread, wool, fabrics and buttons . . . and so on and so forth.

Therefore freedom of choice about what to accomplish as a gift, as long as done with heart and passion that you would to make a gift to your best friend. banner I was forgetting the original promoter of this wonderful initiative, blog iolecal Iole:

So basically I now have to start my own network of kindness...  which I will advertise once I have organized some gifts together... so watch this space!!  I find it all very exciting to give... such a lovely thing to do.... you think?

Look out for this on my blog as I will be doing this shortly myself!...

And I should say a huge Thank You to Rose for allowing me to participate in such a lovely thing to do.  Yes I am excited about this!

The next I heard was on a lovely blog that I had won the Easter Giveaway!! Goodness!! I know!!

This was on Mii Stitch's blog - LINK HERE

This was her Easter Giveaway logo...

And then... it was me that was picked out ... (eeeek!)

And what did I win?? Gosh erm...  (lol I had to check as I was not expecting to win!)

The lucky winner of my very special
Easter Surprise Giveaway
will be receiving an EXTRA gift!!!
This has been very kindly donated by the generous team at

If you would like to go look at Seek It Out.... the LINK IS HERE

I cannot tell you how excited I am at winning an Easter Giveaway!  It is the first one I entered to!  

Thank You very mush to Mii Stitch and I am sorry to all the participants as I know there were many.

Then there was a Spring Giveaway by Christine Marie at her blog... Berberis patchwork and embroidery... LINK HERE

This lovely giveaway was for some beautiful material.... A selection of what 3 winners could win!  And you guessed it... I was one of the lucky winners!

All three of these bundles of color are truly lovely, I am so lucky :)

Thank You to Christine for a lovely giveaway and WOW I won!  eeeeek!!

I was admiring KimM's blog - Wisdom with Needle and Thread.... LINK HERE

As I often popped on there and one day she was asking if anyone wanted to stitch a chart she recently finished..

This one... Stitched by KimM

And to my amazement I was the lucky person chosen to pass the chart onto to stitch.  Its just beautiful... I love the colors and everything about it.  I cannot wait to stitch it!!

Thank You to KimM for selecting me :)

With them all set out like this I feel totally blessed and loved!  Goodness!! I cannot believe it!  I was only saying to my husband (Jon) that I dont get any post! ha ha I will be the postmans friend! 

I have never been so excited!... I will as I receive post naturally post photo's... and share my excitement :)

Well I must go and scream now in my cupboard as I am still in disbelief that I have been so lucky! 

Smiles to you ALL :)

And I will post some of my stitching up dates tomorrow :)


  1. hahaha! I am picturing you screaming in your cupboard. ;) Good for you!

  2. :)
    Yup good for you..
    Hugs x

  3. How lovely for you, I can only imagine how thrilled you were to win one and then fortune smiled on you with an abundance for your random act of kindness, You deserve it.

  4. You lucky, lucky girl! Go get that lottery ticket!!! I would love to participate in your network of kindness. Hugs from over the pond XXXXX

  5. I agree with Kim! It's time you go & buy a lottery ticket :D
    Your parcel is ready with my goodies & the extra gift from Seek it Out. Hubby will be visiting the Post Office this afternoon....
    Take care xxx


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