Saturday, 5 April 2014

Saturday 5 th April 2014....

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I have been a busy bee all day..  I went round to my parents house at around 11 am as I wanted to start the master class with my mum!... She was going to teach me how to use my sewing machine.

To be honest I thought maybe a few hours... hmmm I got back home just after 6 pm! ha ha and its not finished yet! 

I really had no clue as to how long it was going to take me... OMG!! Using a sewing machine and stitching straight ,lines!! Now I found that really tricky.  But you know me I am not a quitter, I practiced on a few odd bits of material and gave it a go!

Here is my sewing machine..

I thought it was about time I got to know how to use it, seeing as I have had it now over 4 years!

And I bet your wondering what I made??  

I will show you the photo but its not finished... I dont like where the buttons and handles are so I am going to move them.  

Its my stitch I did the other day... from the Primitive Hare.... made into a stitching WIP bag. Its big enough to put what I am working on in it so I can stitch on the go!

Here it is...

OOoh yes I have to show you all the amazing buttons my mum has.. I was spoilt for choice...

I know where to go for buttons now! ha ah ha

Decided I needed a new ring tone for my phone seeing as the one I had is out of date... says my daughter! ha ha 

This is my new ring tone now..

I love it.. very catchy! :)

I changed my bag very slightly.. I just was not happy with the handles so moved them...

I am much happier with this...

And yes look plenty of room to put my stitching projects in.. for when I have time to stitch else where... oh you know... hospital appointments, the bingo!  and loads more places I have to go but get bored doing nothing... ha h aa  no more as I can take my WIP in this lovely bag! :)

I found with my learning difficulties learning hands on was easier and my mum is a great teacher!  Counting and measuring was hard but I just made sure I checked and double checked things.  I am very proud of myself that I actually made this and how good it looks too!  Sometimes I surprise myself!  :)

I must say stitching this design was a real pleasure I really enjoyed it...

Have to 'find' another project now! 

Smiles to you all.....


  1. Found your lovely blog yesterday Jacquie. I love your bag! I have a sewing machine that was a Christmas present and I've never tried to use friend is going to teach me I hope. I look forward to seeing what you make next!

  2. Awe Thank You @Justine for popping by, lovely to see you here :) Good luck when you have a go... and I am very pleased with my first attempt at using my sewing machine. Dont forget to share what you sew:)
    Have a lovely weekend, smiles to you :)

  3. Super bag Jacqui.
    Have been on my hols, so just having a blog catch up read .

  4. Hope you had a lovely holiday... thank you for popping in and for leaving a comment :) Have a lovely weekend, smiles to you :)

  5. Glad you're getting acquainted with your sewing machine, and you've become friends very quickly! :) Great job on your new bag.

  6. Wonderful little bag you sewed up Jacquie!! I like the new handles better too. Sewing can be fun or times!! Great stash of buttons!

  7. Bravo,Sewing Machine it's Girl best Friend!
    ce sac et mignon ,bonne continuation pour la suite créative j'en suis sûre

  8. Wow, your bag is great!!! I love your choice of fabric and the new handles really look better now. Congratulations on using your sewing machine!!! Your mum is definitely a great teacher :)

  9. Your bag is so pretty well done , my machine and I don't like each other , some times we get mad with each other , but we are trying to make friends ha.

  10. Excellent post. Fun and uplifting. Love your new stitching bag. Great job on the cross stitching and sewing both. Love that ring tone as well.


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