Friday, 18 April 2014

Friday 18 th April 2014... Good Friday.... Happy Easter

(Borrowed from Google Images)

It is Good Friday and do you know what that means?...

Its time for the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop 2014!

Here is my letter..

I loved my cute little stitch so much that I used one of the letters for my clue :)

Yes the letter is E!

For your next letter you must now hop hop hop over to Geek To Me blog...

Remember that the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop 2014 is being run by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching blog...

A HUGE thank you to Jo for putting all this fun together!

And being Easter I thought I would add some more Easter themed pictures!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Just because I think they are all so darn cute!

Here is one I made...

ooooh and an Easter plant from my mum...

The white bunny was from Mii Stitch and her Easter giveaway
 and the brown bunny I made.

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Hope you ALL have a lovely Easter and enjoy the blog hop too :)

Smiles :)

Thought I would leave you with this cute bunny I found whilst on Google, it 
made me smile!

Following on with my new sheep obsession I have come across the sweetest ever designs...

As seen on LINK HERE

Country Cottage Sheep in the meadow

 Country Cottage Count your blessings

Shepherds Bush Tall sheep

Not sure why I have gone all gooey over sheep.. just loving them really :)

Have a lovely day xx


  1. Another fun post , Happy Easter.

  2. Thanks for taking part this year, this is the most Eastery post so far, so many hoppy bunnies!

    I love your E too, good thing I didn't give you a Z or an X LOL.

    If you love sheep you should take a look at Bronny's Blog, she doesn't blog much nowadays but back in 2011 she stitched The Year of the Sheep, some great designs there.

  3. A very nice post...all the lovely pictures.

  4. So many cute bunnies!! =) Happy Easter to you!

  5. Super voyage ce post,j'ai adoré.
    Je te souhaite une Joyeuses Pâques avec beaucoup de chocolat.

  6. Adorable, a perfect E! Have a Blessed Easter.

  7. My friend Beth is doing sheep and she is using the fuzzy floss which sounds perfect...Have a wonderful day!!

  8. What a lovely post Happy Easter x

  9. love the post, love the stitching. Happy Easter to you.

  10. Your post is chock full of Springtime & Easter goodness!
    I enjoyed my visit. Happy Easter!

  11. who doesn't love sheep, honestly?! thank you for the springoverload, I really enjoyed it! :)
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter,


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