Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thursday 24 th April 2014...Stitching Lotus Giveaway....

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No I am not feeling better.. sorry :(

I am just not dwelling on it now!  As from tomorrow when I go back to my doctors, I will be taking liquid iron supplement mixed with grapefruit juice!  I hope that does the trick?  We shall see..

Today I had to go shopping.. we needed food!!  It tired me out a lot.. but its fine as tomorrow (Friday) I can stay in all day after I have been to see the doctor.  And that means hours and hours of stitching!!! yippppeeeee!

So today I did manage to finish off Peter Polar Bear!! I think he is so cute...

Here is Katie Kitty and Peter Polar Bear together... waiting for the next animal...

I just really love this, its a joy to stitch and is making me smile so that is a good thing!  I cannot wait to see what animal is released next.  Its really exciting.

So in between stitching this I thought I would start a new exciting project... something that I really like the look of, its in the latest World Of Cross Stitching magazine, issue 216... and a bonus that its a design from Blue Ribbon Designs designer!!! WOW!! Thats what I thought!!

Here are the threads, and fabrics I am going to use... 

I guess you want to see the design...

Here is the magazine its in...

And the designs I am going to stitch...

They are just BEAUTIFUL and I cannot wait to get started!  But felt I should fkinish Peter Polar Bear that is why I had not started already!!

You can if you like visit Blue Ribbon Designs to congratulate Belinda.. its just GREAT!!

I will post an update of how I am getting on tomorrow... 

Oooh yes I must share this... whist out shopping today I found something yummy to snack on..

Its really Yummy... I like the thin shavings of coconut and all the different variety of nuts and seeds. mmmmm

Oooh must tell you all about a lovely give away!! Yes its true a give away!!  Its being done by a lovely fellow stitcher... This is her blog..

The give away is for a chart she recently stitched and there are a few questions to enter.. here is the beautiful design she stitched.. its beautiful

So get over there and enter!! AS it closes 27th April :)

So I am going now... keep smiling..  :)


  1. Il est chou polar Bear avec sa tasse de thé!je l'adore
    dommage que nous n'avons que deux mains pour broder!les deux petits coeurs sont aussi mignon surtout celui avec l'oiseau.
    Tu as bien raison ,ton grignotage estdélicieux,j'ai déjà eu l'occasion de le tester,on ne peu plus s'arrêter.
    Bonne petite xxxxxxxx
    Passe une belle journée

  2. Lovely design you've chosen! And the words are really full of meaning... "Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come"... I must remember that!
    Have a nice day!

  3. I love the BRD design and the colours are gorgeous...did you go for the charted ones or some of your own? They look so pretty and fresh together. I'm not stitching the Advent Animals as animals in clothes really scare me, I have to run past the Build a Bear workshop in town ha ha. But I love the fabric you've chosen to stitch them on. They pop on that green. Hope you have a lovely relaxing day with your needles!

  4. Your little bear is so cute! I can't wait to see your progress on your new project, the designs are lovely... Hope you'll feel better with the new iron stuff. Hugs xx

  5. The Advent critters are adorable. Your next projects are so very pretty. I hope your liquid iron does the trick.

  6. Lovely designs by Belinda.


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