Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wednesday 16 th April 2014...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well here it is!! I have finished my Eastery design!  Ok just the stitching ... not actually finished it off yet!.. 

I am really pleased with the look of it, its actually quite big too!  I have a few things in mind on what to finish it like... so that is what I will be tackling tomorrow.

Some close ups...

Really enjoyed stitching that!

My parents popped round.. ha ha to collect some things for Han that she had forgotten!  So my mum gave me a cute bunny plant holder with a plant in... very Eastery!!

I put it outside in the sunlight to get a better photo!  He is cute... and a pretty yellow flowered plant inside.  Mum said she just had to get it for me as it was too cute to leave in the shop!  lovely! :)

I am having a tidy up in my stitchy corner tomorrow... see everythig is just getting dumped and I just cannot find anything...

So I will take photo's too and you can see what I am up against!  And then hopefully of my stitchy corner all nice and tidy!  

Short but sweet post today!  More to follow tomorrow.. I need the light for the photos! ha ha

Keep smiling and stitching....   :)


  1. Oh! So cute! Thank you for comment in my Owl post in Hallowe'en Ornie Saal! Happy Easter!

  2. Can't wait to see how you finish off your Easter Stitch. It came out so cute!! The plant from your Mom is so bright & cheerful!! Have a good night!!

  3. Great finish on the easter design, its so cute.
    Super gift from mum, you'll be able to use the easter basket next year, a crafter always recycles things for other uses.... well I do anyway lol.

  4. Still catching up!!! :D Love your finish & really can't wait to see what you will make with it!!


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