Thursday, 17 April 2014

Thursday 17 th April 2014...

This Easter themed photo was taken by me in my garden today...

The yellow bunny with the plant was off my mum as she loves to get me quirky things!  The White bunny on the left was from Mii Stitch as a gift in her Easter giveaway, I love it!  And the bunny on the right is one I stitched.  Hope you like my little arrangement. 

I have been thinking on what to do with my Eastery design I recently finished... this is what I came up with..

A kind of Easter picture/hanging... not sure what to call it really... its currently sat on my window sill with the bits at the top of my page :)  

This was a design by Lucie Heaton called ABC alphabet and was in issue April 2012 of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.

Now I am a very lucky person as today I received a little envelope... something my husband ordered for me!!  oooh I was delighted!!!

I seem to have a love for sheep at the moment!  My lovely husband must of actually listened when I was rambling on!! ha ha   

As a result he bought me No.1 Little House Needleworks "Hope" Little Sheep Virtue.

And No.2 Little House Needleworks "Love" Little Sheep Virtue.

I am VERY excited about these and will stitch them soon... 

It is Good Friday tomorrow and WOW!! the Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop 2014 starts!!! Yipppppeeee!!! I am really excited about this as I have never participated in anything like it before!  I have a letter to display and a direction to give out tomorrow so make sure you pop back tomorrow... or should I say hop back tomorrow!! ha ha ah 

The Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop 2014 is being run by Jo at Serendipitious Stitching

I am sure it is going to be a LOT of fun and I will get to see others blogs on the way!  How cool will that be!! :) 

So now what am I doing?? Good question!! 

I could start a new stitching project ... or..... finish one I am currently working on... decisions decisions!! hmmm  I will think a little!

Lunch is now needed.... I will come back later...

So I have decided on my next project....

Here is the start of it!  

Thought I would go a little crazy and stitch on green!  I really like it!

So this is what I am stitching... its very exciting..

Here is the LINK to the page if you want to join in.

I will post more updates as I go....

Looking forward to tomorrow! :)


  1. Love your Easter arrangement and the Easter letters , Happy Easter.

  2. Wow! A husband who orders stash! What a lucky girl you are. :)
    Happy Easter!

  3. I love your pinkeep finish!!! It looks lovely... your hubby is a diamond, have fun stitching these cuties!


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